Our Pest Control Expert Weighs In On If Advion Cockroach Gel Bait Works As Well As A Professional Exterminator

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Cockroaches are among the most challenging pests to eliminate with their quick breeding and ability to hide in various undetected places inside and outside our homes. So, it's no wonder that when creators on TikTok claimed to have found the perfect solution to roach infestations, the internet went wild and ran with the hack. In numerous videos on the social media platform –- some garnering more than 600,000 likes –- content posters show their successful results using Advion Cockroach gel bait, many even claiming that it will work just as effectively, if not better, than hiring professional exterminators. In an exclusive interview with House Digest, expert John D'Abruzzo with Truly Nolen Pest Control helps us determine whether Advion gel bait is just as good a solution as professional extermination.

D'Abruzzo is Truly Nolen Pest Control's Area Manager for Fort Lauderdale/West Palm Beach/Treasure Coast in Florida and has spoken with House Digest on whether homeowners can really trust Advion gel bait to wield the same results as hiring a professional to get rid of their cockroach problems. Turning to gel bait as a solution saves people time and money, with the Advion bait on Amazon for just $28.44. One visit from an exterminator can cost nearly $200 and sometimes well over $1,000 for those facing serious infestations. Our expert agrees that the popular gel bait will be effective in use, but there are some caveats to consider, and it may not be the all-encompassing solution many hoped for.

Using Advion gel over professional extermination

Advion Cockroach gel bait has gained popularity, and several viral TikTok videos went live praising the product and showcasing successful results. The over-the-counter bait is applied through a syringe to indoor and outdoor entry points, cracks, and other openings where roaches may be entering the home and hosting nests. "The active ingredient in Advion roach gel bait is Indoxacarb," said pest control expert John D'Abruzzo in an exclusive interview with House Digest. "This product will work well when there is a limited adult population." Indoxacarb is a roach poison used in many pesticides and often by professional exterminators; the oxadiazine chemical disrupts the insect's nervous system and eventually causes death.

Advion gel bait is not an instant-killing product. However, neither is a most professional application. The gel bait takes time to make it through the nest as it passes along the population and works its way through each insect's system. However, D'Abruzzo did make a significant distinction in his assessment of the product when he stated that it would be effective on a "limited adult population." He continued telling House Digest, "It does not prevent the immatures from molting and later producing more eggs." Many pesticides that professionals use include Insect Growth Regulators (IGRs) that prevent cockroaches from maturing and block their ability to reproduce. Advion gel bait does not have these properties and will likely not be the most effective product to use on larger infestations affecting your home.

Suggestions for severe infestations

Although Advion Cockroach gel bait won't be a perfect solution to more significant roach issues around your home, that doesn't mean your only option is to spend hundreds of dollars on hiring a professional exterminator. In an exclusive interview with House Digest, John D'Abruzzo suggests a different product that will wield better results for those with a more in-depth problem. "For larger infestations, where immatures and adults are present, I would use a material called Vendetta Plus roach gel bait," he said. "This material has two active ingredients: Abamectin and Pyriproxyfen, and this product contains Nyguard, which is an IGR."

D'Abruzzo described how the Vendetta Plus gel bait works differently than Advion through the use of IGRs. "It reduces the population by preventing molting and reproduction. It also hinders the ability of immature insects to develop into healthy adults," he explained. "Overall, it hinders the reproduction process, thereby lowering the level of infestation." Vendetta Plus roach gel bait is a bit more expensive than Advion, listed on Amazon for $37.95. But, it's well worth the slight price increase for the expanded effect the product will have, and it will still be a more affordable alternative to try before putting out the money on a professional exterminator.