TikTok's Unique Countertop Find Is The Perfect Solution For A Cluttered Kitchen

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While kitchens are obviously incredibly useful spaces they can get cluttered very easily, particularly if you don't have much counter space to work with, and often food or other items collect on the sides. If this sounds familiar, then you may want to try using a fruit hammock, as showcased by @brialiving on TikTok, which zaps away all that clutter in no time at all. 

All you have to do is install the hammock underneath one of your cabinets and use it to magically whisk away items such as fruit, packaged snacks, or other miscellaneous items like letters or chocolate bars. Even better, you could install several to stow away more items, making it perfect if your kitchen counters have run out of workable space. 

Due to its nifty design, a hammock is ideal if you want to secretly add more storage to your kitchen, no matter its size. Likewise, it also shouldn't break the bank, as you can get one off Amazon for as little as $8.50, making it a budget-friendly upgrade to make. You also have plenty of other options if you want to play with the style and color of the product. 

Select a fruit hammock

The first thing you'll need to do is purchase a fruit hammock, which you can grab from Etsy for $38, with a wide range of colors available such as red, yellow, orange, mocha, and blue, to name just a few. With so many available options, you should easily be able to find one that suits your aesthetic and the interior of your kitchen — perfect if you want to add a splash of color. You'll also need some screw hooks, which are available at Home Depot for $5.98. 

Once you have everything on hand, simply insert the screw hooks into the bottom of a suspended cabinet in your kitchen, and use them to hang each end of your netting. Of course, you should ensure they're secure and won't come loose, otherwise, you could end up with even more of a mess when your hammock comes flying off. If you're renting, heavy-duty command hooks are your best bet, as @brialiving points out in her video (less than $20 on Amazon).

Once it's in place, you can use it to stack fruit or whatever items you want to put in there. It all depends on what you have on your countertops. Of course, there will be some items that will be too small and likely slip through the holes, so you'll have to find another place for these. While purchasing online gets the job done quickly, you could always make one of these yourself and DIY it, which if you already have the materials on hand, may help to save money.

Change the look and style

If you want to spruce up the style and aesthetic of your fruit hammock, you can easily do so. Rather than opting for a more traditional look, you could experiment with a boho-style hanger, which is available from Etsy for $34.99, or a hanging fruit version with multiple layers, for $25.12, also from Etsy. Opting for one with several layers should help you to fit more items or better organize what you already have. 

Likewise, you could also choose one that is specifically designed for smaller fruits and vegetables, such as these macrame versions for $23.00 from Etsy, to help you logically store them away. There is also a navy blue version that comes with hooks, on Etsy, for $24.44, which will save you from purchasing them separately. By playing around with different colors and styles, you should easily be able to find something that suits your needs. 

The reason why this hack works so well is because the extra room provided by the product helps you to free up surface area on your countertops and maximize your storage space. However, if you'd prefer no clutter to be visible, you can always attach your hammock inside a cabinet out of sight, so you won't see it every time you're in the kitchen. Besides, a single hammock may not be enough to store everything.