She Sheds: What They Are And Why You'd Want One

Busy, working moms with children. Wives with hobbies and interests that her cluttered home can't accommodate. Women who share their home with others (and would sometimes prefer not to). These are just a few categories of women that exist in the world, and they have one thing in common: They all need a place of solitude, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This need contributed to the creation of the modern "she shed," a roofed structure designed for a woman who wants her own space that isn't a shared bedroom.

Comparable to traditional sheds, she sheds are constructed outdoors, either close or connected to the house or farther into the backyard. They can be prefabricated or custom-built. Some homeowners even build them themselves. Although structurally similar to conventional sheds, she sheds differ primarily in their uses and interior appearance. Some women opt to use their shed to relax or be creative, while others use it for exercise or work.

What makes she sheds so intriguing is that they offer customization options galore, from the size and color to the style and décor possibilities. When you consider the benefits of a she shed, you may find yourself wanting one on your property, either for yourself or your spouse.

Exterior and style customization options

Before having your she shed installed, you'll need to select the size and style. Perhaps you plan to use the shed as a private reading nest and don't need a lot of space. A 6-by-6-foot structure may be all the space you need. Think you'll want room for a full sofa or other furniture pieces to accommodate more people or activities? A 10-by-12 feet – the most popular she shed size – might better suit your needs. She sheds come in a range of sizes to meet a range of budgets.

Next on the list? Style and exterior décor. Wood sheds will give you more flexibility with both, compared to metal and prefab sheds. For the style of your wood shed, you can choose from a flat, gable (A-frame, slanted), or barn-style roof, among other options. You can also add a few windows, large or small, with or without shutters. Once installed, you can start focusing on how you want to customize the exterior. Wood sheds can be purchased with finished or unfinished wood, both of which can be painted in the color of your choice.

Although the structure itself is where most of the magic happens, you can decorate around the shed as well. A porch, second door, planters, or some landscaping elements like a wooden pathway, concrete slabs, or small plants surrounding the shed are just a few of the many possibilities.

Interior customization options

Since you'll likely want the freedom to comfortably use your she shed year-round at all times of the day, you'll want to insulate it and have a temperature control unit installed. This will also give you more flexibility with what you store in your shed. You might consider running full electricity and installing plumbing "musts" as well. Both can be done during the initial installation or added later.

Once insulated, you can choose your wall material. Choices include drywall, beadboard, and plywood, among others. Then, the fun part. Decorating. Virtually anything you can do to the walls of a home bedroom, you can do in your insulated, walled she shed. 

And last but not least is the furniture. How you furnish your shed depends on the intended purpose of the space. Using it as an office will obviously mean you'll want to add a desk and chair. If you'll be using it as a simple place to relax, a comfy chair or sofa with a plush throw blanket may be all you need. Plan to do some cooking? Add in a full kitchen. Also, if the roof is tall enough, you can add a mini loft with an access ladder to accommodate a mattress without taking away from your living space. She sheds can include all the same things as a house, but just on a smaller scale.