TikTok's Simple Woodworking Tip That Prevents Chipping On Furniture Legs

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We've all been there: You purchase a beautiful new piece of furniture, only to discover chips on its legs. Sometimes this occurs in transit, simply while moving your furniture from one place to the next. Others, these chips occur from impact or abrasion. Although you can make an easy DIY wood filler at home, working to repair any damage, it's best to avoid these cracks in the first place. The easiest way to do this is with a 1/8" radius round-over router bit. You can purchase them on Amazon for a variety of prices, but a bestselling bit costs just over $23. 

In addition to a router bit, you'll need a wood router for this DIY project. If you don't already own one of these carpentry tools, don't fret, because they're available from a variety of online retailers. If you think you'll use this tool repeatedly, then consider investing in something professional-grade. You can get a moderately priced wood router for about $83 on Amazon

Although this project will cost a little over $100 total, you'll save your furniture's legs from unsightly chips that can eventually compromise its integrity. Even better, you can use wood routers for a myriad of projects, making this an ideal tool for anyone who loves carpentry. These powerful tools are also great for replicating wood patterns and are perfect for any DIY crafter looking to up their woodworking game.

Attach a 1/8 round-over bit

Although there are plenty of hacks to erase wood furniture scratches, chips are a different story. Instead of struggling to repair damaged wood, an inventive TikToker has a genius idea for preventing these cracks in the first place. According to @stayathomewoodworks, to prevent furniture legs from chipping, attach a 1/8" radius round-over bit to a router. Simply run your router around the edge of each leg for a perfectly uniform edge. 

This hack requires the use of these specialized tools, so be sure to have all your woodworking gear ahead of time. Since these special bits offer decorative edges with a flush surface, they're perfect for preventing your furniture legs from sustaining damage. Additionally, these bits work to remove sharp edges that can lead to cracks and chips over time. 

For extra protection, you can install furniture leg pads when moving items from place to place. Although the round-over bit should prevent chips, these silicone covers are about $15 on Amazon and can prevent furniture legs from sustaining further damage. You could even consider applying a furniture sealant after using your round-over bit, offering another layer of protection from chips, scratches, cracks, and more.