Shaker Cabinets Are Back And Better Than Ever, But With A Twist

Who doesn't love shaker-style cabinets? Known as a timeless design element, their use in both modern and traditional kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms have gained quite the popularity. But as of lately, the go-to cabinet style has been under scrutiny. Called outdated and overused, many are opting for flat-panel and inset styles, instead. So, of course, shaker cabinet designers had to shake things up with a new take on the original — and that's exactly what's happening.

In a recent video published by a TikTok creator, @mrpheonixgrey, it is discussed how slim shakers are a fresh play on the classic piece. Beyond the size, the minimalist, yet somewhat traditional aesthetic is eye-catching for homebuyers. Many commenters had their preference, a 50/50 split being the results, but many were intrigued by both styles. And if you think the new look may not be keeping up with its predecessor, think again! Both slim and mini shakers are now a staple in the design market, due to their appeal to those who adore boho chic, organic modern, and mid-Century modern aesthetics.

Here's some background on slim shaker cabinets

First off, the difference begins with losing a bit of height and width. The average shaker cabinet is about 4 inches wide, but slimmer versions are opting to only be one-to-two inches, instead. This type of simplistic aesthetic is ever growing, but it's especially popular now. 2024 is a year for redefined minimalism. Homeowners are likely to embrace elegance, traditionalism, and nature in their homes when it comes to design, while opting for more funkiness in their technology upgrades. For example, AI-powered comfort settings, thumbprint-controlled access, specialty security cameras, and so on. The look of the slim shakers feels more contemporary, ultimately making the home feel more like an office or workspace.

So having a cabinet look a bit more out of sight, while providing a sense of comfort and nostalgia feels like the perfect remedy for new homeowners and those craving a sweet balance, right? Like all renovations, there are going to be those who prefer one over the other, with valid reasoning why. For one, many are tired of the bulkiness that comes with the original shaker design. But with updated dimensions comes an assortment of rail and panel changes that may be more of a questionable cost if you're renovating. Before you make the leap, consider the sustainability of this design structure in your current home or your consider how you can implement it in your future home's design vision board.

Do we think slim shakers will last?

No one can predict if a design trend will leave a long-lasting impression or simply be another season's fad. But the best predictor starts with figuring out who is buying houses. According to the National Association of Realtors, older Americans, specifically those in the Baby Boomer generation, are the ones currently buying and selling homes at a higher rate than other generations. The study explains that the median age for someone buying — and rebuying — a home, is just above 50 years old, making design strategies and renovations completely based on that age range. Though there is a fair share of those over 35 years old buying their first home, the percentage is very slim in comparison due to the current economy.

Figuring what's important to those buyers will ultimately have the biggest impact on how they design or renovate the home — as well as foundational principles that may later guide the renovation process. Are they buying to sell or buying to live? Is the home located in an environment closer to the city or country landscape? Do they desire a contemporary minimalist aesthetic or a traditional, comforting feel? Although it may not seem connected, all of these questions can help someone decide something as simple as which cabinets they select. Regardless, we hope that if you adore shaker cabinets, you'll have the option to choose whatever size fits your preference.