The Showstopping Design Trend To Try Out If You're Over Quiet Luxury In 2024

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Are you bored by the quiet luxury décor trend? Luckily, that subtly luxe trend is getting a more contemporary makeover in 2024. "I don't think quiet luxury will be replaced, however, elevated luxury will be making a comeback. By that, I don't mean lots of gold and ostentation but elegant organic, curvy shapes in living room furniture and more decorative elements and patterns returning to interiors as opposed to the pared-back minimalist shapes we have seen," Camilla Douraghy Fischbacher, Christian Fischbacher's creative director, told Homes & Gardens.

In other words, are you ready for interior design to start getting less lowkey and more fun? Say goodbye to all black, white, and gray, elegant yet somewhat unexciting furniture and décor. And say hello to still-classy but more creative, lively, and artistic pieces. Thus, 2024 is the perfect year to treat your home to some curved pieces or at least items with fun patterns and colors for luxury that's elevated rather than quiet.

Tips for incorporating elevated luxury into your home

Don't be intimidated by elevated luxury, as there are many ways to decorate your interior with curved furniture, from chairs to larger pieces. "The woven accent chair in curved shapes is perfect for coastal homes ... I love a good curved headboard, which acts like wall art ... Daybeds are another way to incorporate the curved trend," Tania Vasquez, a designer, told Living Spaces. So, if you have a beachy home, a curvy woven accent chair will be a perfectly fitting investment, while curvy headboards and daybeds can look good in homes with any type of aesthetic.

Remember that patterns are part of the elevated luxury trend, too. If you need a new piece of furniture and are willing to go bolder than just the curved structure, consider options featuring patterns. Look for various patterns you enjoy, such as animal print, florals, or plaid. It's typically a good idea to pair these pieces with more subtle surrounding hues to avoid an overwhelming look, or at least put the patterned items near decorations and walls in the same color range so they don't clash.

Explore elevated luxury products

If you're ready to incorporate the 2024 elevated luxury trend into your home, many items lend themselves to the look. For example, the Vernon Upholstered Barrel Accent Chair features the curved design trend and has cozy cushioning. You can purchase it for $320 at Target, with 4.7 out of five stars and over 650 ratings. Or, if you'd prefer to start with a curved headboard, check out the Mistana Abernethy Upholstered Headboard. With a dramatically curvy design and rated 4.7 stars, the headboard is available for $349.99 at Wayfair.

Moreover, anyone who wants to go even bolder with the elevated luxury trend should look into curved furniture featuring patterns, such as the Wade Logan Amelianna Velvet Side Chair in a deep teal hue with beautiful floral and butterfly designs. Available at Wayfair for $129.99, the curvy, patterned chair has 4.8 stars with almost 2,000 reviews. Finally, if you want to start with baby steps and go smaller than furniture, look for lively rugs or even wall art in curvy shapes with creative patterns.