How To Nail The Quiet Luxury Decor Trend

The quiet luxury trend refers to a shift in consumer preferences towards more subtle, understated, and refined expressions of luxury. It is based on a desire to move away from the traditional, flashy displays of wealth and focuses on a more discreet and thoughtful approach to décor. To nail this trend, you need to know its key elements and the motivations behind them.

The quiet luxury trend reflects a growing desire for a more refined and nuanced approach to luxury, one that prioritizes quality without giving up authenticity and individuality. It aligns with the general changing consumer attitudes towards sustainability, mindfulness, and more conscious forms of consumption. Quiet luxury in home décor embraces minimalism and simplicity. This looks like clean lines, uncluttered spaces, and a lot of moderation. It focuses on timeless design and high quality, prioritizing purchases that will stand the test of time in terms of aesthetics and functionality instead of being based on trends.

Key characteristics of quiet luxury

If your budget allows, quiet luxury in home décor also involves getting furniture pieces and accessories that are limited edition, bespoke, or one-of-a-kind. While quiet luxury values the details and uniqueness found in these specially made items, it is all about subtle or even absent branding so the items have worth for what they are instead of where they're from. It is also more about responsible sourcing, eco-friendly materials, and conscious production processes that minimize harm to workers and the environment. Intentional consumption and consideration for the impact of luxury goods are important values of this style of design.

Another thing to consider if you want to nail this trend is your lifestyle. Quiet luxury places a greater emphasis on experiences rather than material things because it values well-being, mindfulness, and the pursuit of a meaningful life. It also involves customization and personalized experiences so you can tailor your home to your specific preferences and needs, instead of broad trends.

How to do this in your home

Think about how your home feels instead of what you have in it. Incorporate neutral, pale color schemes and cozy, simple furnishings that feel calming, centering, and cohesive, instead of overwhelming. "By limiting pattern and color, we can recharge in a more restful way," explains Caitlin Kah, a Palm Beach-based interior designer (via Camille Styles). Aim for subtle, natural colors, or go for a single-color neutral palette all over.

From the lighting to the fabrics, comfort and softness are huge in quiet luxury. Natural light in the day and soft, warm colors at night make your space better suited for your body functions as they positively affect the circadian rhythm, per the CDC. The fabrics and upholstery of your couches, throw pillows, throw blankets, and bedding also need to be made of the best materials to be comfortable for the body. While the quiet luxury decor trend may require a lot of change to the typical attitudes around shopping and decorating, it is definitely worth it for your state of well-being.