Use Christina Hall's Tips To Perfect The Country-Chic Design Trend In Your Home

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Christina Hall is known for her stylish transformations in the homes featured on the several HGTV series she hosts, including a recent home whose owner wanted a country-chic style throughout her remodeled home. While usually working with more of a coastal vibe in "Christina on the Coast," Hall was up to the task in this episode of "Christina in the Country." Her challenge was the home's existing living room, which lacked the style and texture of the rest of the home. By adding a greater sense of pattern while still keeping the neutral-based furniture and inserting natural touches like crystals and plants, Hall created the country-chic aesthetic the homeowner desired. 

The smaller additions, while inexpensive and easy to make, transform the room into a visually dynamic and comfy living space. Previously, the only feature was a sizeable sofa in a soft gray, a few scattered throw pillows, and a wood coffee table, which was a nice base, but it lacked the necessary touches to make the room feel cohesive and cozy.

Adding warmth to a neutral room

Christina Hall begins by adding some necessary softness, color, and pattern to the gray sofa, which makes it look much more inviting — including throw blankets and additional textured pillows in soft neutrals to match the existing ones. A  darker striped woven throw is strung along the back, while a cozy knit throw is thrown casually over the arm. Across the room, Hall adds another chair that completes the seating area and two small poufs in a geometric-inspired woven pattern that offer additional seating and more visual interest.

Hall also warms up the space by adding natural elements that bring personality to the room, including a large purple crystal, plants, a wicker lampshade on the overhead light, and a wicker basket on the coffee table. The pale neutral wood coffee table, which was already there, is echoed in the wooden arms of the side chair, a correspondence that brings the space together. The result is a modern farmhouse meets casual boho feel to the entire room.

Get the country-chic look

Christina Hall's strategy for making small but high-impact changes is easy to implement in your own space if you're looking to turn a drab and flavorless room into a more cozy country-chic. Texture and pattern play a huge role, particularly if you're starting with a very neutral base for things like rugs, upholstery, and curtains, which can feel sterile if done wrong. Throws are a great element to add, including this nubby striped throw for $44 from Target or this chenille woven throw from Amazon that costs $40. Poufs are great for adding both softness and seating, like this plaid one ($185 on Wayfair) or this geometric woven pouf ($85 on Amazon).

Consider adding an ample dose of materials like wood, rattan, greenery, or sculptural touches like dreamy crystals or stones that bring the natural world inside. It's a great chance to decorate with nature in your home, a hallmark of country-chic style. Each material becomes another dynamic layer that contributes to the overall room and makes the neutral color-scheme base much more varied and interesting.