This TikTok-Approved DIY Laundry Room Hamper System Will Maximize Your Space

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Creating additional storage space in a small laundry room can be difficult, especially when you don't have much to work with. Rather than trying to cram everything in and move around awkwardly when doing your washing, you could instead work upward and implement a nifty laundry room hamper system, as shown by @craftde_mama on TikTok. By doing so, you'll store multiple baskets, making the most of your laundry room. Just install the correct fittings in the corner of the room (or elsewhere), slide your hampers into their slots, and the job is done! And when you're using your baskets, simply fold the slots out of the way.

In addition, this DIY should also be relatively inexpensive, so it's an ideal budget-friendly solution versus splashing the cash on pricier products. After all, the costs of reconfiguring your entire utility room can quickly stack up and may not be an ideal option for everyone. If this sounds like you, then it's probably something worth considering. So, what exactly do you need to complete this sliding basket setup?  

You'll need some wood

For this crafty project, you'll need blocks of wood (available from Home Depot for $12.74), white paint for the wood (Amazon sells some for $19.97), a saw if you need to cut the wood, some screws, a drill, and hinges (grab some for $2.93 from Home Depot). The number of these items required will depend on how many basket slots you want. Once you have everything on hand, begin by cutting two wood blocks to the appropriate size, painting them, and letting them dry, ensuring that they're long enough to fit the length of your laundry containers. You will also need to cut a third, flat piece, which will be for your hinge. After this, measure the width of your hampers and mark out where you want your wooden tracks to go, which should help to make the DIY process smoother.  

Now that everything is prepped, you can move on to the installation. Take one longer cut out of wood and connect it to your wall horizontally using your drill and screws. Next, you need to install your second long wood piece, with your flat section using your hinge, ensuring you take your time so both are aligned. Connect it to your wall using screws, ensuring that the longer section pulls out to the correct place so that your basket can fit inside without falling.

Add some extra utility

While this hamper system works perfectly well on its own, you could also include some extra additions to improve its functionality. For example, add some extra hooks on the side of or underneath your wooden blocks so you can also hang clothing while doing your laundry. Even when the slots aren't in use for your baskets, you can still use these hooks, making them the perfect addition. You should be able to grab some for $12.78 on Amazon. Likewise, you also have the option to paint the slots in various colors to match your interior.

This hack works so well because it allows you to utilize the vertical space in your laundry room, with the wooden tracks allowing you to slide your basket into place easily. Compare this to desperately trying to stack and cram them all together or leaving them on your floor, and you quickly see why this is a more attractive option. Just like with any DIY project, you just need to ensure you get your measurements correct and that your tracks are firmly in place with no loose screws, as you don't want any items tumbling onto your floor. Now, all you have to do is try this out for yourself and organize your laundry room