TikTok Shares The Genius IKEA BOAXEL Hack That Creates Extra Kitchen Storage

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When it comes to cooking, any additional space you can get will likely feel like a luxury. However, no matter what shape or size your kitchen is, you will easily be able to add extra storage using some IKEA BOAXEL shelving, making it the perfect hack for almost anyone. As a result of utilizing it, you should find that you have tons more room to stow away your pots and pans or whatever else it may be, and it's also incredibly customizable. So, even if you don't have much surface area to work with on your walls, this trick can still work.

Of course, there is also the added addition of just how budget-friendly these products are, which is perfect if you want to update your kitchen space for a minimal cost — after all, not everyone wants to splurge thousands on a renovation. It's also useful if you're running out of cabinets to store things and want somewhere to put them away, which can be a common problem in rooms of a less generous size. If this sounds like a familiar scenario, then you may want to try this out. 

You'll need an IKEA BOAXEL for this hack

Okay, so you want to add more storage to your kitchen. First, arm yourself with some IKEA BOAXEL shelves, which you can find at IKEA for $150. If you require a smaller size, you may opt for a vertical option for $80 or some singular BOAXEL shelves for $10 each. If you do buy the singular ones, then make sure you grab some wall uprights for $6 and some brackets to pop them up. You'll also need a drill on hand, some screws, and a level. When you have everything gathered together, begin attaching it to your wall via the instructions provided, whether above your countertop or a different kitchen area. This part of the process is where your level will come in handy, allowing you to align everything correctly.

Once it's firmly secure and in place, place your items there, whether they be food items, cookware, recipe books, or even some homegrown plants and herbs. Whatever you place there will all depend on your situation and what you want to stow away. As a result, you should now have a more functional culinary space, allowing you to whisk away clutter. It's also incredibly easy to see what's on display so you can quickly find whatever you need. 

How to make it your own

While this unit comes available in gray and wood, that doesn't mean you can't play around with color. Rather than sticking with these more neutral tones, paint your shelving units any shade to match your interior before letting them dry and installing them. Likewise, for extra visibility in the dark, you could even add battery-operated puck lights underneath each shelf, which will help to illuminate what you have on there. You can grab some for $22.99 off Amazon, but ensure they work before installing them and that they're firmly adhered in place. 

To add some extra organization, you could also implement jars and baskets to separate food into different categories and sections, which will help you to utilize the product to its best potential. The reason why this hack works so well is because the shelves can hold things in place of where your blank walls once were, which helps to free up other areas in your kitchen. Without it, you'd have to leave items on the side or stuff them in cupboards, which isn't exactly ideal.