This IKEA VARDAGEN Hack Will Make Your Laundry Room Stylish & Organized

Detergent is an essential item in a laundry room and one you need to hand, but there's no denying that the less-than-aesthetic scattered bottles could be putting a serious damper on your design dreams. Enter the following IKEA laundry hack. All you need for this handy organizational trick is the IKEA VARDAGEN beverage dispenser. Though made to dish out drinks, it will add that extra bit of organization to your laundry room when used as a holder and dispenser for laundry detergent. 

Not only is this hack super useful for keeping things neat and tidy, but it will make your laundry room look stylish, too. The simple yet elegant glass jar design will fit in with all styles of laundry room, from minimalist to bright and colorful. We also love that this hack is super affordable. The VARDAGEN jar costs only $14.99, meaning you could buy extra to additionally store your fabric softener and other essential laundry room liquids.

Stay organized while keeping your laundry room looking stylish

Taking your VARDAGEN glass jar, simply fill it up with your preferred choice of laundry detergent. Once the jar is full and set up, you can then use the handy pump to dispense detergent as needed. Use a measuring cup to make sure you have the right amount. There are several pieces in the VARDAGEN range, but you'll need to ensure you're buying the jar with a dispenser for this hack to work. If you're worried about the detergent leaking, grab a paper towel and wipe any excess off the spout to prevent it from dripping onto your floor. You could also use the rim of the measuring cup to soak up any extra.

We love this IKEA tip because it's functional and stylish at the same time, but it's important to keep the following in mind for safety. The jar will be heavy once filled with detergent, so it's vital that you place it on a shelf that can support its weight — preferably the bottom one if you have multiple shelves. Another thing to be aware of is that if you have young children, they may see the detergent in the jar and misunderstand it as a drink. Because of this, we recommend keeping the jar where children and pets cannot reach it just in case.