The Property Brothers Warn Against This Popular Bathroom Design Trend

Everyone should pay attention when the Property Brothers warn homeowners to avoid a bathroom mistake. When those experts advise against a design trend, it's best to take their advice, as some bathroom style trends aren't so practical in the long term, even when they seem chic or fun at first. Believe it or not, one of the trends Drew and Jonathan Scott warn against is boujee bathroom mirrors.

"People like to do something fancy with their mirrors, like patina mirrors, some sort of an aged look to it. Stop doing that for the mirrors that you use in your bathroom. That is not meant for there. It's meant for a decorative wall, but not the mirror you need to use every day," Drew Scott told Good Housekeeping on Instagram. Thus, while vintage-inspired and unique mirrors can make your living room look more stylish and attractive, they aren't practical for bathrooms. So, when searching for bathroom mirrors, focus on just finding something that will let you see your reflection when you get ready without anything getting in the way.

Check out these minimalist bathroom mirrors

Since the Property Brothers warn against anything too fancy or dramatic for your mirror, keeping it simple and clean with this aspect of your bathroom is best. Minimalist bathroom mirror ideas are your best bet for the mirror you use when getting ready after waking up every morning and before bed each night, so don't overthink it. For instance, you can't go wrong with the Glacier Bay Classic Rectangular Frameless Wall Bathroom Vanity Mirror. Available for $39.97 at Home Depot, the 24-inch by 30-inch rectangle-shaped mirror features no unnecessary bells and whistles and has 4.4 out of five stars and a 100% recommendation rate for its sleek and simplistic design.

While you should keep your bathroom mirror minimalist, there's nothing wrong with selecting an option with a subtle, elegant, and neutral frame for a chic yet low-key touch. For example, the Mainstays Black Finish Rectangular Wall Mirror is available for $29.88 at Walmart. It still features that sleek and understated rectangular shape but has a classy black frame outlining it and has 4.5 stars with over 100 reviews.

The Property Brothers suggest thinking about your bathroom mirror's lighting, too

Not only do the Property Brothers recommend keeping your bathroom mirrors clean and minimalist, but the experts also suggest paying careful attention to the lighting for the mirror. After all, what good is a bathroom mirror if the lighting is inaccurate or offputting? "Lighting is key, especially in smaller spaces like bathrooms ... For your mirror wall, sconces don't typically do the trick ... Nowadays, there are many mirrors that have built-in light fixtures. It gives you the perfect glow when applying makeup or taking a selfie," Jonathan Scott told MyDomaine.

So, if you want that ideal lighting, consider shopping for a bathroom mirror featuring a pragmatic design and a built-in light fixture, such as the Ktaxon LED Illuminated Wall Mirror Anti-fog, selling for $188.49 at Walmart with 4.6 stars. Although the 36-inch by 28-inch mirror has a minimalistic look, the modern touch button technology and LED lighting will be super helpful for looking at yourself at any time of the day or night. Even if you don't buy this product, the Property Brothers would likely approve of any minimalist yet ultra-modern bathroom mirror.