30 Bathroom Mirror Ideas To Inspire An Easy Update

When it's time to revamp your bathroom, there are multiple ways you can go about this. You could change the wall color, cabinetry hardware, or even just your shower curtain. Every once in a while, we all need a new change to bring about a fresh look. It doesn't have to be difficult and you don't always need a professional to help you. One modification that can really make way for a new look is changing the mirror over your sink or bringing a second mirror into the space if you have enough room.

VKB Kitchen & Bath says that choosing the right mirror for your bathroom can really strengthen your overall design. Luckily, mirrors come in all different styles: contemporary, modern, rustic, and more. Not only can mirrors complete a design, but they can also provide functionality. Woodmaster Kitchens says the reflection of large mirrors can create the feeling of a larger space while adding plenty of luxury. Whatever you may need, there is sure to be a mirror update to fulfill your desires.

1. Minimalism is the way to go

This mirror serves its purpose to view your reflection when washing your face and doing your makeup. It's small but round to give it a light design feature, and the golden frame compliments the wooden cabinets. The mirror doesn't take up too much space, giving it a minimalistic design.

2. Showcase your backsplash

The placement of this two mirror vanity is an excellent way to showcase your backsplash. The mirrors are small and short, allowing the pattern to be visible on all four sides.

3. Large reflection

This large mirror extends all the way to the wall, reflecting every bit of the opposite wall for the ultimate illusion of a large space. 

4. Metal frame

This metal-framed bathroom mirror offers a chic look to complete a beautiful bathroom. The wall sconces beside the mirror also add warmth to the area as the mirror reflects the brightness around the room.

5. Halo effect

A fun way to add more lighting to your bathroom is by installing LED strips behind your mirror for a halo effect. This is also a great choice for those who want perfect lighting to do their makeup.

6. Mirror decal

Choose mirrors with designs that go with the overall design of your bathroom. The whimsical, white design on the mirror complements the patterns of the marble wall and floor. 

7. The perfect lighting

The lighting behind the mirror reflects softly against the wall and the top of the mirror. This puts an emphasis on the mirror, making it a bright focal point in a gray bathroom.

8. Embedded lights

You can purchase mirrors with lights embedded on the sides and install the exact amount of light you would like. This type of mirror goes well with a contemporary or modern design.

9. Large square

This large square mirror not only reflects a lot of light to create the feeling of a larger space, but also complements the square-shaped mosaic behind it. This is a fun way to introduce the same shape in multiple ways.

10. Reflect a pattern

Use a large bathroom mirror to reflect a fun pattern. This can make it as though the pattern is flowing throughout the whole room smoothly, without being stopped by any decorative object.

11. Traditional design

A mirror can do wonders when completing a traditionally styled bathroom. This one, in particular, blends well with the rest of the design.

12. Warm light

The Spruce says that warm light creates a feeling of relaxation and can be used to aid in a peaceful end to your day. This mirror with its warm glowing light will do just that. Leave it off in the morning when you want to wake up, but turn it on at night as you complete your nightly ritual. 

13. Pill-shaped mirror

If you feel like the circle-shaped mirror has been overdone and want to implement something new, try the pill-shaped mirror. It gives off a similar flare but is more unique and fun, especially in rustic or eclectic rooms. 

14. Matching trim

For a harmonious look, you can find a mirror that has similar elements to other aspects of your bathroom. Here, the mirror is trimmed with a similar colored wood as the vanity in order to continue the design up the wall.

15. Updated medicine cabinet

If you've bought an older home, your medicine cabinet is most likely outdated. It may be time to install an updated version to match the rest of your more modernized space.

16. Brighten up your tile

For those with dark-colored tile in their bathroom and around the vanity area, having a mirror with lights can help brighten up that color and the rest of the space. Dark colors without lights can create the feeling of being in a smaller space.

17. Build your vision

Some may believe that medicine cabinets create too much of a traditional vibe in their bathroom. However, this choice does the exact opposite — it is modern and chic. 

18. Choosing something neutral

When you have a bathroom that already has so much going on with the floor, vanity, and walls, sometimes you need to mellow out the space with something simple. Here, they've introduced mirrors with a simple black border that allows everything else to shine.

19. Round edges

Choosing a rectangular mirror with round edges that matches the rest of your bathroom can help complete a contemporary look. A mirror with sharp edges would be too modern for a space like this.

20. Complementary colors

Have your mirrors complement the colors in your space. After painting the walls, pick up a color wheel and take note of any complementary colors to then choose the appropriate bathroom accessories. 

21. Add to the vibe

The vibe of this bathroom is definitely cool. This mirror blends in nicely with the overall feel of the space as the framing goes well with the light fixtures as well as other metal accents seen throughout the space.

22. Hanging by a thread

A mirror hung by a rope is a good way to introduce a new texture to either a rustic or tropical design of a bathroom.

23. More than one

If your bathroom is large enough, add a second mirror! Especially if the mirror above the vanity has a more subtle design, you can go all out and choose a more decorative mirror to really achieve the design you're going for.

24. Highlight texture

Emphasize the texture of your tile by installing lighting behind your mirror. In this bathroom, you can see the ripple design stands out due to the mirror's lighting.

25. Unique shapes

Choose a mirror that is unique to your specific design. These mirrors with their curved and sharp edges add a fun element to a room that is decorated in neutral colors.

26. Taller space

Using tall mirrors when you have tall ceilings will accentuate this feature in your bathroom. If you were to use shorter mirrors in this space, it would take away from your efforts to create a bright and open space.

27. Custom shapes

You can pretty much get everything custom-made when designing a home. Here, the mirror fits exactly within the vanity space to create a harmonious effect. 

28. Unique mirror design

A mirror with a decal that matches other aspects of the space, such as the light and shower tile, can be a great way to subtly repeat a pattern throughout your space.

29. Head-to-toe

Design out of your comfort zone. Your mirror doesn't have to stay just above the sink but can extend all the way down to the floor as well to create a contemporary, Scandinavian, or modern space.

30. Mirror maze

The more mirrors you have, the brighter and larger your space will feel. Covering two walls with mirrors, especially when you have both natural and human-made lighting, will brighten up all the design elements present in your bathroom.