You're Likely Using Laundry Detergent Sheets Wrong In Your Front-Load Washer

Regular liquid laundry detergent often comes in large, plastic bottles, which aren't the best choice for the environment. If you're trying to be more sustainable, switching to laundry detergent sheets is a good choice, as most options are biodegradable and are often sold in cardboard packaging rather than all that plastic. While it might seem like tossing a detergent sheet directly into your machine is the best way to use this product, that isn't the case for front-loading washers. In these washing machines and certain top-loading machines, it's important to put the strip into the dispenser that's designated for liquid detergent.

Overall, these thin strips of detergent are easy to use, can function in cold and hot water, are more eco-friendly, and are suitable for high-efficiency machines and septic systems; however, it's important to make sure you're using the correct amount of detergent sheets in each load of laundry to keep your clothes fresh and prevent a build-up of residue. 

How to use laundry detergent sheets in a front-load washer

When using laundry detergent strips in a front-load washing machine or a top-loading washer with a detergent dispenser, you'll want to ensure that the sheet dissolves correctly by adding it directly to the detergent compartment. As the water flows into your machine it will melt the detergent strip right away, ensuring the soap is washing your clothing for the entire cycle. This is similar to how liquid detergents function when poured into the dispenser. Rather than adding a whole sheet to the dispenser, you'll need to tear your laundry detergent strips into smaller pieces. For large loads or really dirty items, you'll likely need one or two sheets, while small or medium loads only require half of a sheet. 

Putting the whole strip into the dispenser without tearing it could cause the sheet not to dissolve all the way, leaving your clothes still dirty after the cycle ends. By ripping up the sheet and putting it into the slot for liquid detergent in your machine, your strips should dissolve completely and have no problem washing your clothes. Washer dispensers that have a little tray inside could develop a film on them, whether you rip up the strips or not. This can be easily remedied by taking the tray out and putting the pieces of the sheet in the now-empty spot. If you have a top-load washer with no detergent compartment, simply throw the strip in after you've loaded the machine.