Creative Ways To Hide Your Nextdoor Neighbor's Unattractive Fence

Imagine this: you gaze out the window at your gorgeous yard only to have the view obstructed by your neighbor's fence. Perhaps it's a wooden barrier that wore down over time or a chain link enclosure that didn't look good from the start. Whatever the case may be, you don't have to live with the eyesore creeping at the border of your property line, as there are plenty of ways to improve the look of the fencing from your side.

However, talking to your neighbor is the first thing you should do. They might be willing to let you stain, paint, or decorate the side of their fence facing your home, and a conversation can save you time and money. However, if they won't budge and think warping vinyl is trendy, we've listed 11 DIYs, decorating tricks, and gardening techniques to make the unsightly fence disappear. These cover-up jobs range in cost, with some requiring professional help and others being user-friendly. Additionally, some are permanent solutions, while others can be switched out whenever you want. Feel free to build off our ideas so that your neighbor's unappealing fence becomes something you are happy to look at.

1. One up their fence with your own

Putting up your own fence is a straightforward way to hide the neighbor's unattractive one. You'll have to opt for an enclosure that offers privacy, like wood, vinyl, or metal paneling. Wrought iron, split rails, or stainless steel mesh won't do much to block anything, given their see-through designs. However, this cover-up can be expensive, with the average fence installation being over $3,000 total. Plus, it's likely that only one side of your property faces your neighbor's fencing so a new 360-degree partition might be excessive.

2. Decorate with breeze blocks

Decorative concrete bricks, known as breeze blocks, might suit your home better than a wraparound barrier. The ornamental stone will make a wall that covers your neighbor's fence and adds style to your yard. Although the blocks have a carved design that allows you to look through them, they are a statement piece and will take all the attention away from your neighbor's railing. Plus, some designs offer more coverage than others, so you can pick a style that fits your needs. However, this project requires professional installation that might cost more than a fence.

3. Hide it behind a privacy screen

A privacy screen is like a room divider for the outdoors. You can place the partition in front of the offending fence and instantly cover it up. There are various style options, from bamboo to fabric, and this option is comparably cheaper than installing an entire gate or wall — only hundreds instead of thousands of dollars. You can shop for privacy screens at your local hardware stores or online. Plus, if you're crafty, you could also choose to DIY a divider.

4. Try a living fence, aka a hedge

Planting a hedge is a great option for hiding the fence next door while increasing the natural style of your yard, reducing sound, and blocking wind. There are several tree and shrub options that make the best hedges for privacy on your property. However, patience is key with this cover-up job. Even with quick-growing plants, it may take a year or more to get your greenery to the height needed to block your neighbor's fence. You'll also have to maintain the hedge with trimming.

5. Let climbing vines take over

If you're on the fence about hedges, climbing vines might be a better option. Installing a trellis and adding vine plants will grow into a beautiful partition in no time. Colorful flowers like morning glories and honeysuckles will brighten your space and tangle around the trellis after one growing season. Vine varieties range from 8 to 40 feet long, providing enough coverage to probably hide your sight of the neighbor's entire house. Just be prepared to water, fertilize, and prune your private garden.

6. Turn the eyesore into a vertical garden

Another way to utilize greenery is with a vertical garden. Instead of trees or vines planted in the ground, you can add different containers or hanging plants that can be mounted on a wall against your neighbor's fence. There are various ways to create this greenery blockade, including using stacked cinder blocks, an old bed frame, or a used shoe hanger. You can also make the garden more functional by planting vegetables and herbs or embracing your favorite flowers and foliage. Anything will be better than what it's hiding.

7. Utilize tall planters and faux plants

If you like the idea of a garden but don't have green thumbs, fear not. You can get the best of both worlds by lining the fence with tall planters and adding faux foliage to the pots. Plastic flowers and greenery made from UV-resistant materials are the best plants for this job. Or, you could still use large planters but choose real greenery options that are easy to care for. This way, you can have the style of a garden without the routine maintenance.

8. Close curtains on the unattractive fence

Another method to avoid adding more yard work to your list of chores is installing a curtain. If possible, attach the curtain directly to the side of the enclosure facing your property. Otherwise, you'll need a frame or rod to create the pretty backdrop. Make sure to get fabric specifically designed for the outdoors so it stands up to the weather elements. From there, you have several color and pattern options to personalize the space.

9. Strategically arrange patio furniture

Covering up the fence in question with furniture is a great way to hide the barrier and create a functional outdoor space for you to enjoy. Go for large pieces like benches, umbrellas, and tables that occupy broad square footage and will take attention away from the fence behind it. In the end, you'll have a better view and a spot for afternoon snacks.

10. Use a pergola to draw away attention

A freestanding pergola will definitely take the eyes off any nearby fence. The structure typically has an open roof held up by two or more columns. Placed in front of the unsightly partition, you now have a statement piece that will jazz up the scene and create a chic style in your yard. You could also hang curtains along the side of the pergola that faces the fence, thereby completely blocking it from view. Underneath your pergola, you can add whatever you like to customize the archway, like chairs for seating or lights for staging.

11. Create an outdoor gallery wall

An outdoor art gallery might be unconventional, but it does work to hide your neighbor's fence. Attaching the pieces directly to the barrier is the easiest way to curate the mini museum. However, you can also use a basic privacy fence or wood rails as your framing to attach the art to. There are many outdoor-safe decor items you could include and savvy ways to incorporate art in your yard, like adding stained glass, vintage mirrors, and stone sculptures.