Hide Your Toilet Paper In Plain Sight With This TikTok-Approved Product

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There are many options for people trying to find a new toilet paper holder for their space. For instance, the Sikon Toilet Paper Stand, available for $35.99 on Amazon, is an option that's recently become fashionable. Made of nickel, resin, and iron, the 12.9-inch long by 4.9-inch wide by 16.9-inch-high product can hold 12 rolls at the same time. It also features small pads of rubber to prevent slipping. 

Moreover, @carolina.mccauley — a home-focused TikToker with over two million followers — posted a video admiring the product and showing it in her bathroom. The TikToker explained, "This toilet roll dispenser is a fantastic solution. It keeps all the rolls hidden inside and looks great. The slim design makes it easy to fit in any bathroom, so I can keep my TP hidden." It appears that this item can conceal the unglamorous look of exposed toilet paper rolls while keeping them in place for convenient access.

Customers on Amazon are overall happy with the product

In addition to having the figurative TikTok stamp of approval, most reviewers gave the Sikon dispenser good ratings on Amazon. The item has 3.9 out of five stars with around 35 reviews, and almost half of all reviewers gave it perfect five-star ratings. It earned perfect scores for convenience for small areas and ease of assembly while also getting points for being sturdy. 

One pleased reviewer wrote, "Fits perfectly. Holds everything," while another described it as "Perfect for small spaces." They continued, "Great for half bathrooms or guest rooms with no storage space." A few people noted that the product is more suitable for small toilet paper rolls, as it can be too tight for larger rolls, so keep that in mind if you tend to buy thicker toilet paper. But looking at the overall feedback, the item is a well-liked toilet paper holder for keeping your bathroom neat.