TikTok Recommends IKEA As The Hidden Gem For Plant Pots And It's Clear Why

If you're a plant parent, you're probably always looking for beautiful, reasonably priced pots for your houseplants. While you may come across inexpensive or discounted pots sometimes, they may not match the decor in your home. On TikTok, several creators have been touting IKEA as the place to pick up quality decorative plant pots for just a few dollars, and they're not wrong.

The major furniture retailer has numerous options for concrete, ceramic, and recycled plastic pots for under $10, and compared to some other stores IKEA keeps their prices low. For example, IKEA sells this pastel green CHIAFRÖN stoneware plant pot with a cute pattern for $8, while this Sullivans cement planter with a similar design and size from Lowe's is over $15. You could possibly attribute this price difference to the different materials, but IKEA's simple, gray BOYSENBÄR concrete plant pot is only $9. If you're looking for pots that are pretty, functional, and won't break the bank, IKEA might be the best place to look.

Gorgeous budget-friendly plants pots from IKEA

For those who love the look of white ceramic pots, IKEA has a few adorable options. This 3 ½ inch SESAMFRÖN plant pot is off-white stoneware with scalloped edges and a raised dot pattern and costs $7. If you want a slightly larger pot that matches, this 4 ¾ inch stoneware pot from the same collection has almost the same design, but without the scalloped edges, and is sold for $8. These two variations would look great in a minimalist setting or as a nice simple contrast for a room with lots of color. For plants that require pots with drainage holes, this CITRUSFRUKT ceramic pot and saucer for $8 has a sleek appearance and can suit your plants' needs.

If you don't want to deal with moving around heavy stoneware pots, IKEA also has these NYPON plant pots that are made from recycled plastic and have a similar look to concrete; however, they are much lighter and are only $3 for a 3 ½ inch pot or $6 for a 6-inch pot. Additionally, these cute 4 ¾ inch FÖRENLIG pots also sell for $3. While these examples show some of the awesome plant pots available at IKEA, the retailer has lots of additional options with various sizes, designs, materials, and colors so you can perfectly decorate your home and keep your houseplants healthy.