The IKEA Hack That Will Make Your Kid Feel Like A Ballerina

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It can be tricky to strike a balance between style and function when designing a child's bedroom. Giving your kid space to play is key, but so is having space to organize their things. This IKEA hack takes both into consideration. A good size for both big and small rooms, the following DIY uses mirror tiles, wood, and hooks to create a mini ballerina-style studio in your child's room.

As mentioned, this ballerina DIY requires mirror tiles like the BLODLONN mirror set from IKEA, which costs $12.99 for a pack of four squares. Each square measures approximately 12 by 12 inches. In addition, you'll need a slim wooden pole (this will act as the ballet bar), and some clips to slot the bar into. Even if you're not the best at DIY, the simplicity of this hack means anyone can pull it off. It can also be adjusted if you live in a rental property, as you can swap out hooks that need drilling for self-adhesive Command hooks. The mirror tiles attach via adhesive, too.

Create a home ballet studio in your child's bedroom

As well as the mirror tiles, clips, and wooden pole, you'll need a drill and potentially some glue to carry out this hack. Attach the mirrors to your wall in a square formation and then add your choice of clip on either side of the square. This is to give the wooden pole something to slide into. Take the pole and carefully slot it in between the clips so it sits in front of the mirrors. You should end up with what looks like a mini barre studio space.

This hack is ideal for a smaller bedroom, as it won't take up too much room. However, if you're working with an extra small space, you can make it work for you by putting up two tiles vertically instead of four and using a smaller wood bar (though note this slimmed-down version may not be as practical). Alternatively, expand the style to fill up more of a wall by adding extra mirror tiles and a longer wooden pole. Though the IKEA mirror tiles stick onto the wall via adhesive, we recommend adding glue for extra hold, though this isn't a must-do step if you live in rented accommodation.