Fight Pesky Pyrex & Bakeware Stains With A Pantry Item You Already Have On Hand

No matter how well you clean your Pyrex and glass bakeware, it's inevitable that they will pick up stubborn stains along the way. Perhaps you baked a lasagna, or maybe those last few marks from a curry dish are refusing to come out no matter how hard you scrub. Instead of stretching your budget to accommodate new dishes, use baking soda to remove stains from your bakeware with relative ease. Not just for making your cakes tall and fluffy, this pantry staple will restore your glass dishes to their former glory when paired with some dish soap. 

The stains on Pyrex don't just have to be from food. Often, the yellowish-pigment left behind on glass dishes is built up over time with regular use and can be difficult to remove once it has set in. Whether you're dealing with burnt edges or year-old stains, with this baking soda trick, your bakeware should be left clean, clear, and with a gleaming shine once more.

Your bakeware will look brand new with this cleaning tip

To remove unsightly stains from your Pyrex, grab some baking soda and mild dish soap. Sprinkle baking soda evenly across the dish, making sure you cover the whole surface. Next, add a drop or two of dish soap. Pour hot water into the dish, making sure it doesn't overflow, and leave it to sit in the sink for around ten minutes. We recommend leaving the mixture to work for a little longer if the marks are really ingrained. After, grab a scrubber and get to work on the stains, which should have massively loosened up. You might have to scrub for a while and sprinkle on more baking soda as you go for extra grit. Once rinsed, the dish should look as good as new.

This hack works because of the abrasiveness and alkali nature of baking soda and the fact that dish soap can cut through grease. Once combined with hot water, these ingredients will tackle the stains effectively, allowing you to scrub them away better than you would be able to with just water. If the water in the dish is still hot once time is up, make sure to wear gloves when emptying it out to prevent accidentally burning yourself. Additionally, be aware that the texture of baking soda may scratch your Pyrex container if you rub it in too hard when scrubbing. Test the ingredients on a small section of your dish first if you're concerned about this happening.