Save Big Money By DIYing A Bunkie Board. Here's How

Bunkie boards (aka bunky boards) are essential components of a bed frame, providing much-needed support for mattresses. These thin, solid platforms sit between the mattress and the bed frame, preventing sagging and enhancing the overall comfort of your sleep haven. Beyond their supportive role, bunkie boards improve mattress longevity by distributing weight evenly. Therefore, it's a must to invest in a quality bunkie board to maintain a healthy and well-supported sleep environment. Of course, you can always look into DIYing your own bunkie board to save on expenses. To make one, you can go with the simple plywood and fabric support method. (You may also use thick medium-density fiberboard (MDF) in lieu of plywood.) 

DIY enthusiasts find that crafting their own bunkie boards is not only cost-effective but also customizable to fit even unique (including DIY) bed frame dimensions. The satisfaction of building a foundational piece for your bed also adds a personal touch to your sleeping space. Plus, with various approaches to creating DIY bunkie boards, you can tailor the process to your skill level and available materials.

Crafting your own bunkie board

To make your own simple DIY bunkie board, you'll need some plywood or MDF (cut to bed frame dimensions), high-density foam or batting (optional), fabric, a staple gun, and screws. For the cloth, you may use upholstery fabric, canvas, twill, or some other sturdy material. Measure the bed frame and cut the plywood or MDF accordingly. Wrap the board with fabric, securing it with a staple gun, then attach the bunkie board to the bed frame using screws. You can also add a layer of high-density foam or batting to enhance comfort, if you want. This DIY bunkie board is simple and straightforward to make, providing a solid and continuous surface suitable for those who prefer a simple and clean design.

If you're looking for some inspiration, @slinkywhat demonstrates how she made her own basic bunkie board on TikTok after realizing she wanted more support for her new mattress. You can also watch @home_parvik make his own bunkie board in just a few steps on TikTok.

To ensure your DIY bunkie board fits your bed frame exactly, make precise measurements. Use the appropriate safety gear, such as gloves and protective goggles, when cutting materials. With these in mind, you can create a sturdy and reliable DIY bunkie board that suits both your bed frame and personal style.