Bring Farmhouse Chic To Your Bathroom With This Chevron Accent Wall DIY

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Stylish accent walls can be a great way to add architectural interest to small spaces, particularly small boxy spaces like bathrooms, where there often isn't room for a lot of furniture or decor to make a statement or give a sense of personality. While accent walls can be achieved with a number of approaches, including paint and wallpaper, a TikTok from @savvynat_316 shows off an ingenious way to create a wood-paneled chevron/herringbone accent wall with a budget-friendly price tag. The wall, which uses inexpensive plywood cut into strips and adhered to the wall, is a perfect way to add architectural interest to a small space. Even better, it can be customized to suit your design aesthetic. 

You will need sheets of 1/4 in x 4 ft x 8 ft plywood, such as these from Home Depot for $29.88 each, a strong adhesive like Loctite for $6.48 on Amazon, nails, wood trim or molding, caulk, and paint. The DIY project is easy to do and, depending on the size of your space and the amount of wood required, can easily be accomplished for well under $100 in materials. You will also need access to a miter saw to cut the wood at a 45-degree angle. 

Creating a chevron accent wall

@savvynat_316 begins by cutting the plywood into 4-inch strips, each cut at a 45 angle at the ends. Use a stud finder to determine the beams on the wall and where you want your center lines for the chevron to fall (like with any herringbone pattern, you can create a chalk line to help you clearly see the center.) Use a strong adhesive to affix the pieces of wood in a chevron pattern to the wall, following this up by securing the planks with brad nails. Many people in the video's comments section suggest using tile spacers to help lay the boards at an equal distance from each other. Once you have completed the pattern, use strips of molding to line the perimeter. Then caulk to cover any gaps or nail holes.

@savvynat_316 paints the chevron/herringbone with Behr's popular Cracked Pepper shade, but you can use a wood stain or poly coat if you prefer the wood grain look. Matte black or dark gray chevron work perfectly for adding a bit more pattern and texture to a modern farmhouse-style space, while a wood-toned finish is perfect for a more boho or Balinese-style look. A pastel or white-painted chevron would also be great in a cottage-style bathroom. This easy technique for creating chevron or herringbone with different cuts of wood can cover everything from boring hollow core doors to DIY herringbone countertops.