Our Lawn Care Expert's Best Tips For Choosing The Right Lawn Care Company For Your Yard

When you're searching for a lawn care company, it can be difficult to determine which businesses have the best services for the right price and which are the most reliable. Luckily, our lawn care expert gave us the scoop on how to go about hiring the right company to care for your lawn this upcoming spring and summer. Rob Palmer, president of Lawn Squad (a lawn care franchise), spoke exclusively with House Digest with advice on what a professional, reliable lawn care service looks like.

According to Palmer, good, consistent communication is one of the biggest factors for picking a lawn care provider, and you should be able to ask your lawn maintenance company questions. "Responsiveness is among the most important qualities needed when hiring a lawn care service," he said. "Lawn care experts should be available for questions and provide real time feedback — whether that is in person, on the phone, or via text and email." If you can't get straight answers from a company or you feel like they're not explaining the services and prices well, they might not be the right choice.

How to choose a reputable lawn care company

As you're shopping around for a lawn service, you may assume that companies with higher prices will provide better services to keep your lawn green and lush. Thankfully, this is not always the case. Rob Palmer explained to House Digest that a high price does not always equate to a higher quality.

Once again, the main factor comes down to their customer service, and the best companies speak with their customers (and potential customers) about what they want from their lawn care service and what is possible to achieve. "Price does not directly impact quality of service. The least expensive component to service is communication and the better the communication, the better the result!" Palmer said. Rather than choosing a lawn care company based solely on how much their services cost, try speaking with various agencies to see which one has the best rapport and customer care and the most knowledge about how to help your yard specifically.

Signs that a lawn care company isn't the right choice

Besides having poor communication about their services, there are some other ways to tell if a lawn care company isn't the right fit. When Rob Palmer spoke exclusively with House Digest, he explained that companies that are difficult to work with are likely not the best choice. If there are issues planning and scheduling your services, taking your payment, or if the company only accepts one type of payment, that lawn care provider might not be the most reliable.

Palmer also stressed the importance of finding a versatile company that understands how to address your needs specifically, rather than using the same treatment for every yard. "Know that not all lawns are the same, so good lawn care companies should handle each with different care," Palmer said. "As the expert, lawn technicians should educate their customers throughout the season so they understand the service they have invested in, the processes being done, and what the final result should look like."