The IKEA Find That's Definitely Worth Buying, According To Pinterest

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If you're an avid Pinterest lover, then you're always looking for the trendiest home décor ideas. The same holds true for anyone in search of their next great IKEA find. A trending IKEA product is none other than their HANNALILL Curtains, made of 100% cotton. Not only is the Swedish retailer affordable, but they work tirelessly to reduce harmful chemicals from their products by using cotton materials, making them a popular choice for budget-friendly, eco-conscious consumers. Better yet, these window panels come in a two-pack and sell for just $24.99. Seeing as other curtains can cost thousands of dollars, these sleek, sophisticated panels are a great buy. 

No matter your home's color scheme, the HANNALILL curtains work wonderfully. They come in four complementary colors, each one a lovely neutral shade guaranteed to brighten any space. And if you're looking for floor-length window coverings, you can choose from two popular lengths: 84 inches and 98 inches, all depending on your window height and personal preferences. Here's how to style Pinterest's IKEA HANNALILL curtains trending in 2024

Choose your IKEA HANNALILL curtains

Not only are IKEA's HANNALILL curtains versatile, coming in a variety of flattering colors, but their 100% cotton material makes them low-maintenance. Keep in mind that you can wash them, but you can't dry them. Otherwise, you risk them shrinking, a common occurrence with cotton materials. IKEA's website mentions possible shrinkage, so if you're undecided between the two available lengths, you might want to purchase the longer ones. Although you can't put these curtains in the dryer or dry clean them, you can remove wrinkles after washing and air-drying. They're safe to iron on medium, according to IKEA's website. 

You can create the illusion of a larger space by hanging your curtain rods higher than your windows. But the fun doesn't stop there. These drapes can be styled in two ways: suspend them using the tabs attached to the back of each panel or use curtain hooks. When opting for curtain hooks, you'll not only elevate your space, adding a layer of sleek sophistication, but you'll also have greater control over how your HANNALILLs lay. You can purchase a 40-pack of curtain hooks on Amazon for less than $10, making this entire interior design project wallet-friendly. Even better, you can purchase these hooks in a variety of colors, depending on your home's color scheme. If you have baseboard heating or want shorter window coverings, you can fold these curtains over before securing curtain hooks, shortening the length without removing any fabric.