How To Give Your Home Decor A Feminine Touch Without Using Florals

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There are many ways to decorate with floral prints in home decor for cute, feminine looks. However, florals aren't for everyone, and by no means are gardens and flower-inspired decorations the only way to add more femininity to your home. For instance, another way to implement a classically feminine touch to your home is to use more pink details, as pink is the most stereotypically girly color.

"Bright or pale pink makes me feel flirty, astute, and like I can accomplish what I need to that day. I associate it with 'sugar and spice and all things nice.' Flowers, romantic gestures, and kindness," a reader told Verywell Mind for an article on color psychology. Thus, pink is typically the go-to hue for exuding sweet feminine energy. While pink is a convenient color to add to your home for more femininity, it's also not the only way to make your home more feminine. Texture can help, too, for example.

Have fun experimenting with texture

One of the most classically feminine texture options is lace, perfect for a coquette aesthetic room with significant feminine energy; "lace embodies both a pleasingly feminine aesthetic and a history of skilled women's labor that has long been undervalued," Elena Kanagy-Loux, a historian slash lacemaker told Marie Claire. So, if you want that traditionally feminine touch, shop for lacey home items, such as the Saro Lifestyle Lace Trimmed Runner, available for $13.99 at Target.

Anyone who wants something feminine but sassier than sweet-looking lace should opt for decor featuring feathers instead. After all, feathers are popular for bold and statement-making female fashion, so they'll provide that same effect for home decor, such as the Warehouse of Tiffany Iglesias Fluffy White Feathers and Crystal 3-light Pendant, selling for $84.49 at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Moreover, silk touches are perfect if you want something more coquette-leaning than feathers but less intense than lace. Even something as small as a silk pillowcase — such as the Madison Park Silk 100% Mulberry Single Pillowcase, available for $55.09 at Bed Bath & Beyond — will make your bedroom appear more feminine due to the gentle, silky texture and appearance.

Explore decorations focused on female empowerment

If you want to lean into the women empowerment aspect of femininity, consider shopping for inspirational decor and artwork. You may want to start with pieces featuring the women's symbol if you're new to this style of decoration and don't know where to begin. For example, the Stupell Industries Female Symbol Fashion Modern Pink Textured Design Wall Plaque Art by Daphne Polselli is available at Walmart in different sizes. The pink wall decor's smallest size option is 10 inches by 15 inches, selling for $20.86, while the largest option is 30 inches by 40 inches, available for $81.18.

Or do you already love empowering decor and want something bolder than just the female symbol graphic? Look for decorations with words and phrases that empower women, such as the Typography And Quotes Like A Lady Boss, Glam Pink On Canvas Print wall decoration by Oliver Gal. Featuring a design of a pink Chanel purse, the piece also displays the phrase, "Act like a lady, think like a boss," and is available for $126.99 at Wayfair. While the item features no florals, it's unapologetically feminine and inspirational!