Ways To Decorate A Coquette Aesthetic Room

These days, fashion trends come and go in the blink of an eye. One trend that has gained notoriety within the past year is the coquette aesthetic. According to Grazia, a coquette is a flirtatious young woman who enjoys all things feminine and romantic. While some criticize this aesthetic for fetishizing youth and sexuality, it arguably promotes a sense of self-love and positivity.

The coquette aesthetic focuses on feminine clothing such as pleated skirts, Mary Jane shoes, frilly white socks, lacework, and delicately colored tops. The trend also focuses on dewy, natural-looking makeup and dainty jewelry such as thin silver chains and pearl necklaces. Retro vibes and pastel colors are also features of this trend. The coquette aesthetic is rooted in fashion, but it can also inspire your home decor to stunning effect. You can embrace the coquette style by filling your living space with romantic decor. Creating a coquette room is uncomplicated and can be achieved by following these decorating tips and tricks.

Add a touch of pink

An essential element of the coquette aesthetic is pink in clothing, accessories, and room decor. Pink is typically favored by those who prefer delicate shades of color. If you want to add pink to your bedroom without it looking childish, avoid primary or pastel colors. Go for a sweet shade of millennial pink or a rosy blush. Subtle shades of blue, gray, or green wall paint or wallpaper will tone down a pink room. Neutral paints and furniture also help balance out bright shades of pink. According to SeniorCare2Share, another way to add mature elements to a pink room is by incorporating houseplants and artwork.

Another way to add dimension to a pink room is to cut down on your pink accessories. Rugs and wastebaskets don't need to be pink if it's already the statement color on the bedroom walls. When it comes to bedding, choose a different shade of pink than the walls, or go for another color entirely. Mint green or buttercream yellow bed sheets and pillowcases are soft colors that will contrast and complement pink tones. One can never go wrong with tan or beige bedroom sheets or blankets (via Kelly Nan).

Floral prints galore

When it comes to coquette fashion, floral prints are essential. Floral prints are everywhere, especially on tennis skirts or lace camisoles. Usually, small flower prints or rose prints are on casual dresses or room designs. With springtime in full effect, floral prints are budding all over. According to Furniture in Fashion, it's good to choose a wall paint color before creating any floral designs along the walls in a bedroom. Popular choices are bright reds, blues, or greens. Stencil stems or leaves into the floral wall designs to create a realistic floral look.

However, you don't have to change your wall color or wallpaper to add floral prints to your room. Toss decorative floral pillows onto a simple bedspread or craft a string of real or faux flowers to place on the bedpost. From tulips to peonies, the range of flowers to use is endless. A straightforward way to add floral motifs would be to hand-paint flowers on a canvas, wait for it to dry, get a frame, and hang the painting on a wall (via Digs Digs).

Find eco-friendly candles

There's nothing better than sweet-smelling candle scents. Candles come in all scents, from floral to fruity to spicy. Content creators into the coquette aesthetic on YouTube and TikTok often do room tours showing off their favorite candles. Coquettes favor white and pink candles from popular places like Yankee Candle. When purchasing your candles, pay attention to aesthetics and sustainability. According to Country & Town House, several candle wax varieties are safe for the environment. Beeswax is a wax that burns slowly and is biodegradable but isn't 100 percent vegan. Another popular candle wax is soy since it's natural, biodegradable, and renewable. Be careful of candles that contain fake fragrances like paraffin because they can contain phthalates which cause irritation and illness in the lungs and heart if overexposure occurs.

Candle safety is an essential topic to keep in mind (via Today). Most importantly, children and pets should stay away from open flames and be accompanied by a trusted adult when near lit candles. Place your candles on a sturdy table that won't wobble or topple over easily. To prevent wax spillage, set candles inside holders or a small dish. Extinguish candles before throwing them away.

Get a blast from the past with vintage photographs

Who doesn't love displaying photographs of their loved ones in the home? As with most interior design styles, part of the coquette design is to feature framed photos on desks or bedroom walls. However, a unique aspect of coquette style is to use frames from antique or secondhand shops. These places often sell older furniture or historical photographs of people from the past. According to LoveToKnow, early American frames were handmade of wood with simple details etched onto the surface. Victorian frames feature wood covered with plaster material and intricate designs. Older pieces may appear warped and out of shape, so finding one in good condition at an antique store may be challenging. However, it's worth the search.

If you're looking for vintage photographs from a specific era, the internet is the best way to search (via Stock Photo Secrets). Be careful of using copyrighted material because not all photographs are in the public domain. If unsure, it's best to check with a webmaster to get permission to use photos.

Learn the difference between a wardrobe and a dresser

Clothes are a big part of the coquette aesthetic. The style embodies feminine yet classic silhouettes that harken back to when dressing up was more popular. Coquettes favor pleated skirts, collared shirts, knee highs, stockings, and cardigans. How can these clothing items be stored to enable space, order, and wrinkle-free style? According to Craftivity Designs, wardrobes and dressers offer distinct advantages and style options.

Wardrobes and dressers both serve a unique purpose. Dressers feature regular drawers that pull out to fit folded clothes inside. On the other hand, wardrobes have more compartments and open to provide hanger space for hanging delicate fabrics. It's easier to see what's inside, so you won't need to rummage and make messes to find the piece you need. Since many older homes do not have walk-in closet space, adding a wardrobe may be the best choice for storing clothes. 

Install a vanity

Makeup in shades of pink and red is a big part of the coquette aesthetic. Adding a dash of pink blush to your cheeks or a coat of red lipstick will instantly make you coquette-ready. The style usually features simple eye looks with neutral-colored eyeshadow and dewy skin. If you want to create the perfect makeup station in your home, install a vanity. According to Foter, there are a few things to consider before buying a vanity. The location makes a difference. Most people prefer to put vanities inside their bedroom close to clothes and other accessories. You could also place a vanity in the bathroom if there is enough space. However, this placement may be problematic for people living in a large household and sharing a bathroom.

A unique vanity feature is the lightbulbs that adorn the outer surface. These are usually LED lights but come in many styles and materials. There are vanities without installed lights that have mirrors. Some vanities come with adjustable mirrors, while others do not. Before purchasing a vanity, ensure it's durable, long-lasting, and easy to clean for continuous use down the line.

Decorate with dainty dishes and trays

With an abundance of jewelry and makeup, it may be hard to know how to display accessories attractively inside your bedroom. Instead of having everything strewn over desks and dressers, coquettes usually place their silver rings and delicate pearl necklaces on antique porcelain dishes or vintage trays. These dishes and trays have a retro appearance that looks classic and clean in any room.

According to Elegant Findings Antiques, it's best to do research before purchasing porcelain. Make sure the item is not broken and doesn't have too many imperfections. Minor scratches and scrapes on porcelain can be a sign of character, but broken porcelain loses its value and function. Rare designs may be more valuable over time. Finding a seller who knows reputable and in-demand porcelain companies will also help you find the right piece. Shopping online or visiting flea markets are good ways to discover porcelain and vintage decor.

Buy antique furniture

Since the coquette aesthetic borrows from earlier decades, including the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s, vintage furniture is a staple when decorating a coquette-themed bedroom. Vintage furniture is typically wood with elaborate etchings and designs on the surface. You can combine antique pieces from the Victorian era with modern furniture to create a unique bedroom style. Finding a vintage-style bed is the beginning of an old spin on a fresh aesthetic.

According to Antique Marks, you should not make a big purchase unless you know where to place it in your home. Don't buy Victorian decor or vintage pieces just because they look old. In the long run, quality matters more than appearance. Something rare yet beautiful will be more meaningful than buying something for its age. Make sure the furniture is in good condition with minor damage before buying. It's always worth it to ask for a discount, whether you are shopping at a store or buying at an auction.

Store and take care of books

Few things melt away worries like opening up a good book. Part of the coquette aesthetic is book collecting. Since this style focuses on feminine details, collecting books that feature feminist themes and displaying them will help transform your home into a coquette paradise. According to Harpers Bazaar, there are plenty of books with empowering female topics for your book collection, including titles by Virginia Wolf and Sylvia Plath. Contemporary novels such as "Bad Feminist" by Roxane Gay are also on the list. These books are a perfect addition to any coquette book collection.

With books, it's best to store them upright in a bookshelf or bookcase (via Martha Stewart). Do not place them in direct sunlight near open windows. Too much light can lead to page discoloration and other deformations. Storing books in a dank attic or musty garage could also cause damage due to moisture in the room. If you have books damaged beyond repair, you may need to electronically digitalize them into an e-edition rather than a paper copy.

Display stuffed animals

Have a favorite stuffed teddy bear or rabbit lying around? Stuffed animals are an essential element of the coquette aesthetic, and these cute soft toys provide comfort and serenity in our fast-paced world. Children and adults may hold on to them for sentimental value. If you want to store your stuffed animals properly in your home, there are tips to keep in mind. According to Capital City Bins, stuffed animals can be vacuum-packed in plastic bags to cut down on space. These toys can also be placed in plastic tubs and stowed away in closets.

A simple way to decorate with stuffed animals within a bedroom is to place them around your bedding and pillows (via Off the Record Mom). Find white vintage or retro-designed storage cubby holes to house your stuffed animals for a coquette vibe. Wicker baskets in pale shades of pink or purple are an attractive place to store your stuffed animals.

Show off your perfume bottles

Embrace the coquette aesthetic in your bedroom or bathroom by displaying sweet floral perfumes. Dior is a must-have perfume for coquettes to wear, but all different brands and designers work for this tip. If you have almost empty perfume bottles, you can use them for unique crafts. According to The Beauty Store, one way to use empty perfume bottles is to add water and place flowers inside. Want to add color? Pour water into empty perfume bottles and add some drops of food coloring. Place the top back on the perfume bottle and arrange the bottles on a tray or vanity. You could also create a new perfume scent by adding some essential oils to a carrier oil (via Byrdie). 

Want other creative ways to use empty perfume bottles? For those long summer nights, fill an empty bottle with insect repellent. This tip will combat mosquitoes and other annoying bugs during outside activities (via Turning the Clock Back). Empty perfume bottles can be recycled regularly or given to friends or family members who'd like to make their own crafts with them.

Freshen up with fruit flavor

Coquette fashion often incorporates cherry and strawberry prints for an effortless and fun style. You can also include fruit prints in your interior design for a sweet twist. According to Designbx, there are tons of fruit-inspired furnishings and accessories for your bedroom. For example, you can buy bed sheets or pillowcases with cherry or strawberry prints. There's also fruit-themed wall art, wallpaper, and furnishings like chairs and couches. Look for decorations with bright colors and soft fabrics.

As far as other bedroom designs go, you can buy plastic or plaster fruit from craft and hobby stores and use it to decorate vintage trays for a retro motif. A cute way to add feminine touches is to find fake strawberry tarts and place them with plastic grapes on a tray to mimic a teatime setting. This unique idea will make your space satisfy any sweet tooth.

Dazzle with string lights

Want to add a soft, glittery vibe to any room? Hang up some sparkling twinkle lights. Light decorating doesn't have to be just for the holiday season. According to We Be Christmas, you can integrate lights into your interior design all year long. Fairy lights are growing in popularity for bedroom designs. Children interested in fantasy worlds may enjoy fairy lights and other fantastical motifs in their rooms.

There are many unique ways to decorate with string lights in a bedroom (via DIYs). Hanging stringed lights over a headboard or along a bed's canopy can create a calm and whimsical vibe. Likewise, stringing lights into a heart shape adds a sweet look without going overboard. Lights with faux flowers and garlands are also a popular choice for adding a pop of greenery. It's possible to create a flower string light look by twining real flowers into regular strands of lights.

Embrace romantic elements

Coquettes love romance and anything involving love. Therefore, red heart-shaped sunglasses, pink lipstick prints, pearl necklaces, and hearts complete the coquette look. Why not design a bedroom based on love by embracing romantic decor? According to Home Edit, you can put flowers on a desk to liven up the workspace. Sweet-smelling roses freshen up any environment. Another way to incorporate romantic elements is to hang chic fashion photographs with golden frames on bedroom walls.

Do you like ruffled designs? Add ruffled accent pillows or blankets with pom-poms onto a bed. Use red and pink paints to stencil heart and floral creations to create a sweet headboard. Furniture with soft curves instead of straight lines can look more delicate and feminine (via Matter Brothers Furniture & Mattress). Another good rule of thumb is to steer away from stripes or plaids and look for fashions with polka dots and florals.