Maximize The Space In Your Pantry With This Genius Paper Towel Storage Solution

Is there anything more frustrating than a messy, cluttered pantry? Let's face it, every homeowner would probably agree that pantries can be one of the most difficult parts of a home to clean. No matter how many expert pantry organizational methods you try or how many new storage containers you invest in, it can often feel as though there is just never enough space. This can leave your pantry in disarray, making your kitchen look unappealing and turning cooking into a hassle.

Bulky items, such as paper towel rolls, are the biggest culprits in creating pantry chaos. Large items can easily overwhelm the pantry and leave minimal remaining space as a result. Trying to tackle this issue? Well, look no further. All it takes to solve this problem is a handy-dandy tension rod. Tension rods can serve as the perfect pantry organizational tool, especially for those bulky, troublesome paper towel rolls.

The tension rod storage hack of your dreams

Say goodbye to the bulky paper towel dilemma! There are two ways that you can utilize tension rods to neatly store and organize paper towels in your pantry — horizontally and vertically. 

For vertical storage, simply turn the tension rod vertically and balance the ends of the rod between a top and bottom distance in your pantry. Once the rod is secured, remove your paper towel rolls from their package and turn them on their sides, stacking them on top of one another alongside the rod. This method can also be utilized to store and stack any sort of cylindrical container, or maybe even cleaning supplies, too. 

For horizontal storage, turn the tension rod horizontally and balance it between a left and right distance in your pantry. Upon securing the rod, you should have a newfound shelving space. Then, remove your paper towel rolls from their package and line them along the shelf. 

Pantry organization has just gotten ten times easier, all thanks to one simple tension rod!