TikTok Creates Affordable DIY Drawer Dividers With Items You Already Have

Drawer dividers can be a great way to keep clothing and other items neat, particularly when it comes to smaller items that are harder to keep organized and easily visible. While drawer dividers and organization systems are plentiful in a wide variety of materials, they can be expensive and don't always fit perfectly in every drawer. Your organization needs can also change over time, like in a child room or nursery, resulting in having to buy entirely new sets periodically. TikTok user @smallstuffemily may have found the perfect DIY solution. Using recycled cardboard and decorative paper, she makes cute and completely custom drawer dividers perfect for keeping the dresser drawers much less chaotic.

Because you can cut them and create them to size, they are excellent for non-standard narrow and deep drawers that are sometimes harder to find inserts for. Even better, you can create them for pennies from completely earth-friendly upcycled materials. 

Making DIY drawer dividers

@smallstuffemily begins by cutting some sturdy cardboard to the size needed for the drawers, allowing her to easily accommodate whatever space she is working with. While she uses diaper boxes, you can use any heavier-grade cardboard, including old Amazon boxes or packages. To make them pretty, she wraps the cardboard inserts like a gift in leftover wrapping paper that perfectly fits the room's design style and inserts them in the drawer where needed. Other options for covering the inserts include vinyl wallpaper, contact paper, or decorative tissue paper. You can also create fabric sleeves with a sewing machine.

The cardboard dividers are durable and will stay in place. If they get dirty or worn, simply replace the paper on the outside. While the video uses them to keep children's drawers organized, they also work particularly great for smaller clothing items like socks, underwear, and accessories in adult wardrobes and dressers or in spots like the bathroom vanity for organizing beauty products, brushes, and tools.