Joanna Gaines' Budget-Friendly Solution For An Industrial Kitchen With Style

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While Joanna Gaines is typically known for her modern farmhouse-style remodels on HGTV and the Magnolia network, over the years, her signature style has broadened to incorporate other design aesthetics and influences that compliment many of her more common features in home remodels: elements like an abundance of neutrals, natural wood, and ruddy textures. A surprising element in a recent kitchen remodel seems adventurous for Gaines, who loves to focus on more rustic feeling spaces. Instead of a wood or stone-topped island, Gaines opted for a stainless steel island on wheels that gives a more industrial feel to the space. 

The effect is a stylish and modern take on Gaines' usual aesthetic. Not only is the stainless steel counter striking but far more inexpensive than other surfaces and built-in islands, requiring only purchase and assembly rather than hiring a contractor. It's a great choice if you're looking to easily add additional counter or workspace in your kitchen.

Benefits of a stainless steel island

Joanna Gaines' choice of a stainless steel island is as practical as it is aesthetic. The steel island not only allows seating courtesy of industrial-style wood stools, but ample shelving underneath for cookware and other essentials. Its stainless surface is not only far more durable than other countertop materials but markedly less expensive, even though the island is sizeable. Its casters mean you can move it around for cleaning and clearance as needed.

The island fits with more modern accents like the iridescent black backsplash tile and industrial lighting but also forms a nice contrast with the all-white classic Shaker cabinets (a Gaines hallmark) and the matte black stove pipe that evokes an old wood stove. The industrial look of the island reflects an almost restaurant feel, which is why it's one of the best choices for gourmets, able to withstand hot dishes and lots of use without stains or scorch marks. While the downsides of stainless steel may include scratches and dents over time, the low cost means it's easy to replace. The material is also very easy to clean and sterilize. 

Getting the look

Using a stainless steel wheeled island is a great option if you are looking to add industrial style to your kitchen, whether throughout or in small doses. It looks particularly stunning when combined with more rustic or vintage materials and influences. Since it's on wheels, it's also a great way to add an island in a space that may not accommodate a traditional island, as well as for renters looking to add an island to the kitchen that is not built in. 

Larger stainless steel kitchen islands, both wheeled and unwheeled, are available from Amazon as well as many restaurant supply stores for well under $200. For smaller kitchens, try this 36" x 24" cart from Walmart that has optional wheels included. If you still like the rustic warmth of wood, consider a wood cart or island with a stainless top from Wayfair. While more expensive and with a less durable work surface, you can also get a similar industrial look with a wood-topped stainless unit like this one from Amazon.