The IKEA KALLAX Storage Hack That Only Requires A Pool Noodle

If you're a vinyl record enthusiast with a collection at home, you've likely heard the widespread acclaim for the IKEA KALLAX not only as the most versatile piece in-store but as the optimal storage solution for your records. It can neatly accommodate approximately 50-60 records per cube. However, record owners are plagued with one problem: the records tend to slide towards the back of the shelf. A simple yet brilliant hack that solves the problem is to place a pool noodle at the rear of the shelf. This prevents your records from sliding too far back.

Each IKEA KALLAX cube is approximately 13 1/4 inches in width. This means that a standard pool noodle available in stores lets you create about three to four storage backers. To adapt a pool noodle for this purpose, simply mark it with a line using a marker and cut it straight with any of the best tools to use when cutting a pool noodle that you have at home, such as a serrated knife. You can play around with the length of the noodles, but ensure that they're long enough to exert slight pressure against the sides of the cube for a snug fit.

Why this IKEA KALLAX storage hack is a great idea

Adding a pool noodle to the back of your IKEA KALLAX shelf improves your shelf's functionality without becoming an eyesore. Firstly, it functions as a protective barrier, effectively absorbing any impact. This is especially crucial if your shelf is positioned against a wall or if you've fitted a solid backing to cover the open rear of the shelf. Doing so prevents your vinyl records from directly striking these hard surfaces, protecting them from potential damage. Secondly, this clever hack ensures that all your records are uniformly aligned on the shelf, elevating their overall aesthetic appeal and keeping them organized.

If you haven't added any makeshift backing like cardboard or scrap wood, and the shelf isn't placed against a wall, the pool noodle used for record support might slip through to the back. To prevent this, a practical solution is to secure the pool noodles in place using tension rods. By threading these rods through the center of the pool noodles, you can effectively anchor them, ensuring they stay put. Using a double-sided foam tape to adhere them directly to the shelf is another option.