Is An IKEA Kitchen Worth The Price? Our Interior Design Expert Weighs In

Swedish furniture giant IKEA is known for its variety of styles and affordable prices, making it a go-to for many people looking to furnish their homes. However, you may be wondering if IKEA products are worth it in a high-traffic area like the kitchen. Artem Kropovinsky, interior designer and founder of New York-based design studio Arsight, exclusively shared with House Digest whether he thinks buying an IKEA kitchen is the best choice or whether you should save up a little longer for a different brand.

"As one can see, IKEA kitchens combine the advantages of affordability and modern designs, [which] hence makes them an essential investment for a cost-conscious buyer," said Kropovinsky. He also brought up the numerous styles of kitchen IKEA offers and mentioned that their kitchen items are well-priced for the design and structure they offer. In fact, the range of designs is one of the reasons IKEA is so appealing. From colors to handles, you get a relatively large selection of customization without a huge price tag. In Kropovinsky's words, "IKEA cabinets are great for the fashion-conscious who prefer to spend a little less."

Our interior design expert gave insight into some other kitchen options

If your budget doesn't quite stretch to IKEA or you're still on the fence, Artem Kropovinsky, in his chat with House Digest, recommended another potential way to update your kitchen. "Refacing existing cabinets is an affordable strategy instead of a complete redesign that ensures more efficiency if the current layout performs well," he shared. If you haven't heard of it, refacing is the process of updating your existing cabinets via changing the look of the doors and sometimes the sides without swapping out the original structure.

Additionally, if you find that IKEA doesn't offer quite enough customizations for your preference, Kropovinsky revealed that local furniture makers are sometimes a viable option. "Occasionally, the local artisans are competitive regarding pricing and they can as well design more unique solutions," he stated. Of course, this will depend on where you live and the kind of kitchen you're looking to install. Some local artisans charge a lot more than you would pay for an IKEA kitchen due to their level of skill and the time it would take them to make an item. Still, it's definitely an option to look into.

An IKEA kitchen is, for the most part, a good choice

However, though Artem Kropovinsky told House Digest that IKEA kitchens are generally a good option, he also shared some things to keep in mind. According to Kropovinsky, "Although IKEA kitchens are budget-friendly, they might not be as long lasting compared to the higher end choices." 

If you have made your mind up completely, Kropovinsky gave some advice on how to install your new IKEA kitchen. Part of the appeal of IKEA is the fact that, in theory, you can assemble its furniture by yourself. Nevertheless, per our interior design expert, "Although the kitchen from IKEA is meant for DIY assembly, using a professional can prolong its use and correct installation." This is definitely something to consider if you want to make your kitchen look good for as long as possible. While it will be more expensive to hire a professional to install your kitchen, in this case it could be more than worth it.