The Dollar Tree Item You Need To Keep Your Winter Gear Organized And Clutter-Free

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As the temperatures drop, it seems as if our items multiply. After a cold day, you are likely tripping over gloves, scarfs, shoes, and hats. And while you may have already prepped your home for winter, if this sounds like you, you have missed one crucial thing — winter gear organization.

If you are hoping to make your home a more organized place, the number one thing to do is get rid of clutter. You can install a storage unit or build a mud room, but those take up a lot of space and are often an expensive option. Instead, consider using an over-the-door shoe organizer to store your winter gear. You can find the shoe organizer at Dollar Tree for $1.25 in gray or navy blue. Not only is this hack simple and cheap, but it also creates an easy-to-see and organized space for those smaller items that always seem to get lost. 

How to make the organizer your own

The over-the-door organizer is a great option for those looking to keep things sorted this winter without investing in new furniture or organization systems. The Dollar Tree shoe organizer is likely the cheapest option you'll find, but it is also one of the smaller ones. It has eight pockets, which, for families of four or more, may not be enough for the plethora of winter items you accumulate. If your door or closet has the space, you can double, or even triple, up on the organizers.

You could also purchase a larger, more expensive organizer, like this one from Amazon for $15. Not only does this one have 24 sections, but it also features clear pockets, making it easier to see what each one holds. Another option is this one for $9 from Amazon that features large, rectangular pockets perfect for bulky gloves and thick scarves and clear windows in the front of each pocket. The best part about using a shoe organizer is that it can transform to offer different uses long after winter ends. You can use the same organizer to house your cleaning supplies or workout gear or use it to hold all your summer flip-flops and sandals.