Pinterest Warns To Keep This Popular Decor Trend Far Away From Your Home

Home decor trends shift quickly. It's always disappointing to adopt new items into your interior design scheme, only to see them go out of style in a few years. Now, it's time to leave one of the most popular home decor trends behind: word signs. The most iconic and pervasive word sign decor usually incorporates phrases like, "live, laugh, love," "gather," "home is where the heart is," "bless this mess," or simply, "home." Especially in farmhouse decor, phrases like "eat," "farmer's market," and "farm fresh eggs" often make their way into the kitchen. Usually in cursive-adjacent, curvy font, or in a simple bold design, these signs graced the walls of countless kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms for over a decade.

A stroll through any home goods store could present a shopper with a dozen word sign options for a reasonable budget, which was part of their appeal. They may have brought levity and comfort to many homes for a while, but according to Pinterest, it's time to replace these decorations. Top home decor Pinterest boards are full of patterns, cozy decor, and farmhouse style without a single word sign in sight. Further, Jeremy Jankowski, home and design creator management lead at Pinterest, reflects on the shift away from decor like word signs and toward more personalized pieces. Jankowski says, "It's part of an effort to be sustainably minded, but matched with a general interest in creating spaces that tell a story," (via Elle Decor).

The problem with word signs

One of the key issues with word signs is the simple fact that they became overwhelmingly popular. Their commonality made them mockable because they were so overdone and impersonal. "Word signs are placeholders," says interior designer Sophia deDomenico (via Best Life). Instead, now is the time to shift the focus of your home decor to individuality. "When you go to fill your walls, you don't want placeholders, you want personality ... put something in there that you like," deDomenico suggests.

Another issue with farmhouse word signs is that they can feel inauthentic. Someone hanging a big box store's "farm fresh eggs" sign in the kitchen when they've never stepped foot on a farm and their eggs are from a chain grocery store often feels forced and a bit out of touch. Being bombarded with signs like these in every home goods store for the last couple of decades has also solidified a common understanding: these items are cheap and mass-produced. That's not to say that you have to spend a lot of money on home decor in order to have a beautifully-decorated home, but it has become tacky to spend your decor budget on the same few items everyone else on the block is buying. 

Alternative home decor options

As you bid goodbye to word signs, you get the exciting — and maybe slightly scary — opportunity to choose pieces that truly speak to your personality and your home's overall style. You don't have to break the bank replacing your old budget word signs, either. With individuality and storytelling as a new focus, one of the best ways to find the perfect alternatives is by visiting your local thrift store or antique mall. Keep an eye out for oil paintings or unique art that will meld well with your home's aesthetic so that styling your antique home decor is a breeze. If your word signs lived on shelves, don't be afraid to pick up beautiful glassware, tea sets, copper dishes, or other visually-interesting items instead. Plants and greenery also make excellent focal points to brighten up a home.

If antique malls and plants aren't your cup of tea, you could also have photos of your family or your favorite travel shots printed and framed to create a beautiful conversation piece. Check out local events like art markets to purchase one-of-a-kind decor from up-and-coming artists and support your local vendors in the process. Take it a step further and create beautiful DIY home decor yourself, ensuring you're hanging items that no one else has in their home. As long as you're displaying pieces that feel unique to your tastes and interests, you're on the right track.