TikTok's Woodworking DIY Creates Extra Cabinet Storage For Bulky Wine Glasses

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If your wine glass collection is building up, you may be wondering where to store them all. Thankfully, one simple solution that some folks on TikTok have been turning to could help solve your issue. The hack? A woodworking DIY project that can add some nifty wine glass storage into your kitchen (or any area of your home, really). What more could you ask for? On top of that, it should help to free up space wherever you currently put them, leaving you more room for other items to maximize your kitchen storage space. Not to mention, it looks comfortably chic and makes your glasses extra accessible.

Alongside being incredibly useful, this hack is also budget-friendly, especially if you have spare wood lying around that you want to upcycle. All you need is wood planks, some square wooden dowels (which you can grab from Home Depot for $1.26 each), strong wood adhesive (which you can get for $4.98 at Lowe's), a clamp for woodworking, a saw, an electric drill, and some screws.

How to achieve extra wine glass storage with this DIY project

First, decide where you want your new wine holder to go, whether underneath your kitchen cabinets or inside a cupboard, and take down its measurements. Then, cut your pieces with your saw so that they fit the length of where you're placing them, with the dowels being around a third of the size of your boards width-wise. For a single holder, you'll need two dowels and two boards, and for every extra row, you'll need one additional dowel and board. Now, all that's left to do is start assembling everything.

Apply your glue to your dowel and connect one in the middle of each board, making sure they're perfectly straight (otherwise, it will affect your end result). Once they're in place, clamp them down for around 24 hours until the glue has adhered fully. After this is done, you can secure each section in place using your screws and drill. To get the spacing correct, take a wine glass and one of your holder sections after securing your first piece and hold it up to see where the second piece needs to go. Of course, the amount of space you leave in between will depend on how big or small your glasses are. Then, you can rinse and repeat this process to create however many rows you want. Once the project is complete, you'll be left with extra storage space for your wine glasses.

Customize your glass holders

What's extra nice about this hack is that it's pretty customizable. You can paint your newly installed storage system the same color as your cabinets or a navy blue for a moodier look, for example. The color you choose is entirely up to you. Furthermore, you could add some decorative trim for added flair and make it look perfectly "you." In addition to switching up the color and style, you could install LED strip lights along the sides of your dowels to create an ambient lighting effect around the holder (and under or inside your cabinets). There are some remotely controlled ones available on Amazon for $17.99, which still keeps this project affordable. If you want to try this, just ensure the space remains functional and neat. After all, you don't want to bog down your handiwork in the end.

The reason why this works so well is because the holder helps to hold up your wine glasses while keeping them off your countertops. It also makes them quick and easy to see and grab, which is ideal if you're looking for more organization and efficiency. Just make sure you consider the size of your glasses before installing your system; otherwise, if your glasses don't fit, you might have to start from scratch. Likewise, for extra security, you may want to use both adhesive and screws when installing this system. That way, you won't be risking a rainfall of shattered glass.