DIY Mirror Frame Ideas That Will Turn Plain Decor Into A Statement Piece

Functional decor is a win-win, and a mirror fits the bill. Apart from catering to our vanity, the looking glass can create the illusion of space and reflect light to brighten a room. However, sometimes, a medicine cabinet mirror or a frameless piece just looks too plain. You don't have to leave your functional decor to fade into the background. Instead, you can decorate with mirrors by turning a boring reflector into a statement piece with a DIY frame. We have eight stylish ideas listed below to upgrade the accessory and the room's design instantly. 

All of these projects are beginner-friendly, and many are low cost, too. You can create these frames with circular, rectangular, or even triangular mirrors, although some are better to do with one shape over the other. These DIYs work for large standing mirrors, small hanging ones, or even miniature pocket types. Plus, there are designs to fit a range of aesthetics, from colorful art decor to neutral boho.

Add fairy-like flare with a cloud frame

Sealant foam spray and paint are all you need for this whimsical DIY. On a clean mirror, simply spray the foam around the border. You can do a zig-zag, chevron, circular, or straight-line pattern. How you apply the foam with specific strokes will be the design that shows in the final display. Then, once the sealant spray expands and dries, you can paint the piece any color you'd like. Neutrals and pastel shades match best for the cloudy look of the dried foam, but any color could be used. 

Pump up the funk with chunky squiggles

Squiggle frames are all the rage for a fun design element. This DIY takes a little bit more skill, as you'll need to use a jigsaw and MDF board. However, you can mimic the same design using cardboard and a utility knife — though it won't be as durable. First, draw the frame outline on your MDF board, ensuring it's the size of the mirror, and cut it out with the jigsaw. Then, paint the wavy border, and after it dries, attach it to the glass with heavy-duty glue. This look is perfect for adding pops of color and shape to your room.

Give your mirror a museum-worthy border

You don't have to spend thousands on a fancy gold vintage frame. With metallic spray paint, glue, trim, and trim appliques, you can get the same look for way less. This DIY is best for a square or rectangular mirror since you'll be working with rigid molding. The style of trim is up to you, from simple to decorative. You'll need four pieces cut at a 45-degree angle attached with nails or liquid nails for the border. Then, add the molding applique at the top. Once your detailing is glued on, spray paint the piece and attach it to the mirror.

Bring the garden indoors with a floral frame

This rose mirror is a simple DIY and might be the easiest one on our list. All you need are faux flower heads and hot glue. Roses are our inspiration, but feel free to use your favorite flower species. Any petal color, size, and shape will look great around your mirror and add a chic, nature-esque style. Simply squeeze a dollop of hot glue on the faux flowers and secure them to the edge of the mirror. A flower mirror is stellar for adding garden vibes into your home and could complement some decorative bouquets.

Try a textured frame for more dimension

Adding texture to your mirror instantly gives it more depth, and you can do just that with craft beads. We're using half-split wooden balls for this project. You can purchase them at your local craft store or on Amazon. First, without adhering the beads, line them around the mirror to make sure you have enough pieces and that they are evenly-spaced. Then, spray paint or stain the wooden balls in any color you'd like. Once they dry, use heavy-duty glue to attach them around the mirror. It is a simple design that still makes a stylish impact.

Wood borders are a classic

For a rustic touch, try a wood frame. This is another project that only works for square and rectangle mirrors, although you can try wood-style tape for rounded mirrors to get a similar look. To get started, you'll need four wood planks cut at a 45-degree angle — two pieces for the length of the mirror and two for the width. You can paint or stain the wood. However, sticking with natural bark tones would better highlight the rustic look. Then, simply attach the wood around the mirror with liquid nails and use a clamp or tape to keep the pieces in place as they dry.

Try macrame for a boho vibe

A macrame frame is a stylish way to incorporate textile art into your home. First, you'll need to make a cardboard frame for your mirror that's slightly bigger than the looking glass. To do so, trace around your mirror onto the cardboard an inch larger than the actual perimeter and cut out the paper frame. Next, cut 6-inch pieces of macrame rope and loop the cord around the cardboard frame. Do this until the entire board is covered with rope. Then, you can hot glue your threaded creation onto your mirror. To switch things up, try colorful yarn or twine instead of macrame cord.

A clay frame is unique and trendy

You can make a statement mirror that looks ripped from the pages of a magazine with craft clay. You'll need to cut a cardboard frame that's about 3 inches wide around your looking glass. Next, hot glue crumbled scrap paper around the cardboard frame. Then, encase the paper balls with masking tape to further shape the whimsical border around the mirror. Finally, dress the frame with the craft clay, smoothing on layers until you get the desired look. Once it dries, sand the clay frame down to make it smooth and enjoy the view.