Wondering What Kills Bed Bugs Instantly? This Non-Toxic Product Is A Must-Try

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Bed bugs are one of the insects you definitely don't want in your home. While they don't carry diseases, they can still negatively impact your health. They feed on blood and can cause skin rashes, allergic symptoms, and intense itching. You can also get an infection if you scratch a bed bug bite and break the skin. It's vital to get rid of bed bugs and any others that might be lurking once you notice at least one in your home. Finding the right bed bug exterminator can be challenging and expensive, but Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer is an excellent, non-toxic product that kills them instantly.

Bed bugs are incredibly sneaky when it comes to invading homes because they're small and hitch a ride on almost anything. They can hitch a ride from anywhere, from trains to luggage to apartments to home. You might never see a bed bug travel from place to place, but you'll know you have them when you get bites, notice blood spots on sheets, or see them crawling around in your bed. Once the females lay their eggs, it can be challenging to get rid of them without the proper supplies. If you have them in your room, you want to avoid letting them spread to other rooms around your house or apartment units. Using Eco Defense bed bug killer is easy and a must-try to kill any bed bug you see in your home.

Directly apply product to bed bug

The Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer spray contains natural, organic, and non-toxic ingredients derived from plants and other agricultural, forestry, and marine materials. It's also pesticide-free and water-based, making it highly safe for pets and kids. You can purchase a 16-ounce bottle on the Eco Defense website for $21.95 or a gallon on Amazon for $59.95. This fast-acting bed bug-killing product can cover a large surface area, instantly killing the bed bugs. Plus, it doesn't stain sheets, mattresses, or other surface areas, and it leaves a plant oil scent, which could be pleasant for some folks. However, the only downside is that the product has to come in direct contact with the bed bugs in order to kill them.

Customers who bought this product on Amazon gave the product an overall 4-star rating. They claim it worked wonders for them, especially after trying other bed bug-eliminating products. One customer suggests using a steamer with the product to kill the bed bugs more effectively. They sprayed and steam-cleaned the area a couple of times and noticed all the bed bugs were gone. Another customer said they had to use multiple treatments to get rid of all the bugs, but eventually, after a couple of weeks, they noticed the bugs were gone. Depending on how many bed bugs you have will determine how often you'll need to reapply the product, especially if they're in the most unexpected hiding places. If the bugs are visible, the product will kill them instantaneously.