Pinterest States That Homeowners Will Ditch Home Bars For This Cozy Alternative In 2024

The numbers are in at Pinterest Predicts, and it's clearer than ever that 2024 won't be a big year for at-home alcohol. Bar carts and home cocktail stations are on their way out. Instead, homeowners are moving on to a cozier family of beverages perfect for working from home and staying productive: coffee. 2024 will be the year of the decked-out home coffee station.

With Pinterest search terms like "coffee bar styling," "kafe aesthetic," and "coffee station décor" up by 1,125%, 820%, and 145% respectively, it's clear that this trend is gaining steam (pun absolutely intended). An increasing portion of homeowners will utilize precious kitchen countertop space in the quest to bring coffee shop vibes into their homes. This new emphasis doesn't only mean gathering top-notch coffee making equipment for amazing home brews, but also comes with a new style of kitchen decor. Instead of the classy, elevated look of cocktail culture, "cafécore" prioritizes comfort, personality, and coziness.

What sparked this sip swap?

Why are people reallocating home spaces to focus on caffeine instead of alcohol? This swap is occurring because of a few big trend shifts. First, more and more people are leaning toward a "sober-curious" lifestyle that deprioritizes alcohol. Mindfulness around drinking alcohol, especially at home, has been a topic of conversation in the wellness space and beyond. While the lockdown era caused by the COVID-19 virus prompted lots of home drinking in an attempt to bring the fun of the bar into the home, many people are now reimagining their home space to prioritize wellness and productivity.

Another driver in the adoption of coffee stations is the popularity of remote work. According to Forbes Advisor, 12% of full-time U.S. employees worked from home and over 28% had a hybrid schedule in 2023. Since this will continue into 2024 (and even possibly increase), there's a need for creating both motivating and comfortable spaces at home. While working out of cafés is nice, it's understandable to prefer a more affordable means to a similar end. Especially for budget-minded and health-conscious families, supporting large coffee corporations by purchasing expensive, sugary beverages multiple times a week simply isn't sustainable. As more homeowners have realized that making delicious coffee drinks at home and recreating a focused café vibe is entirely possible, coffee stations have risen in popularity.

Creating the coziest coffee corner

One of the beautiful things about creating an at-home coffee station is that you can easily incorporate your own style, personality, and preferences into your design. Unlike home bars that generally include the same cocktail shaker and strainer set no matter whose house you visit, your coffee station can reflect exactly what you consider cozy and energizing. A good way to begin is by brainstorming which beverages are usually your favorites at the café and researching how to make them at home. Coffee equipment can fit into a range of different budgets and styles, so the key is discovering what works for you.

Once you have your necessary equipment, decide where you want to place your setup. Popular places include on the kitchen counter, on a previous bar cart, or on a side table. Then, arrange and decorate according to your own personal flair. Many coffee stations incorporate chalkboards or letter boards, which allow you to create your own "menu," display the day's affirmations, or get creative and draw a fun doodle. DIY an impressive coffee station by organizing your mugs, syrups, beans, and other materials in a way that makes the best use of your area. Use hooks, shelves, or risers to add vertical space to a small coffee nook. Whether it occupies a couple square feet of counter space or an entire buffet table, make your home coffee station specific to your needs, routines, and style.