How To DIY An Impressive Coffee Station Out Of The Fan-Favorite IKEA HAVSTA

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The IKEA HAVSTA is incredibly popular, and for good reason. With its sturdy pine wood construction and sleek lines, it's essentially a blank canvas, ready for an incredible DIY project. Enter, a coffee station guaranteed to amaze. To create this ideal spot for your daily caffeine fix, you'll need to install two rows of IKEA HAVSTA cabinetry, leaving space for a coffee nook. With nothing more than bamboo pole wrap, shelves, stain, and a countertop, you can have a built-in bespoke coffee station to jumpstart your morning productivity.

The great part about this hack is that you can purchase these items for a reasonable price. You can buy 32 square feet of bamboo pole wrap on Amazon for about $95, trimming it to size. In this incredible YouTube hack, custom shelves are created, but you can purchase your own if it's easier. A two-pack of rustic floating shelves currently sells for less than $58 on Amazon and, considering that a carpenter can charge upwards of $200 per hour, you'll have a custom coffee nook for a fraction of the price with this IKEA HAVSTA DIY hack

According to Champagne Chaos, the first step is installing your IKEA HAVSTA. A total of six cabinets are used in two sizes, creating a staggered look. Additionally, Champagne Chaos adds custom crown molding so the cabinets come to the ceiling. The trick is to use shorter center cabinets, creating a space for your coffee nook. Here's how. 

Create your IKEA HAVSTA coffee nook

Instead of leaving visible drywall between your center cabinets, you'll want to install a pole wrap. This decorative bamboo is easy to work with and is perfect for stains and paint. In this YouTube video, Champagne Chaos uses a dark walnut stain, but you can use whatever color matches your home's aesthetic. Once installed, you'll need to attach shelving for your coffee mugs, grounds, and matching decor. Although Champagne Chaos creates custom shelving, you can purchase them preassembled online. If you choose to build your own shelves, you'll want to determine the size of your space, paying close attention to the depths of your cabinets. No matter what type of shelves you install, attach a guard rail as shown in the video. This prevents your coffee essentials from sliding around. Since most shelves come with these rails, you might find it difficult to purchase them separately. If this is the case, you can swap them out with gold towel holders, available on Amazon for about $25. 

You can also install a custom quartz countertop as shown in the video, or save money by installing peel-and-stick countertop wallpaper for less than $10. It mimics natural stone, and you'll pay a fraction of the price while instantly upgrading your IKEA HAVSTA countertops into something incredible and unique. To hang your coffee mugs, you'll want to add metal rods and decorative "S" hooks, which you can purchase on Amazon for about $10, upgrading your new coffee nook even further.