Crucial Things To Consider Before Buying Power Tools Off Of Amazon

Power tools are a big purchase. Not as big as a house or a car, of course, but a big purchase nonetheless. You need to buy ones that are sturdy, reliable, powerful enough to do the job required, and built to last a lifetime. These are investments, and as such you want to make sure your purchase is a wise one. However, sometimes things break, and when it comes to power tools, it's imperative that you get one with a good manufacturer's warranty. If you're buying those tools on Amazon, though, that's not always possible. If the seller isn't an authorized retailer, the manufacturer won't honor the warranty. So before you buy, you need to confirm the tool's provenance and legitimacy. It might seem like extra work, but it's well worth the effort.

There's no denying the many ways Amazon has changed the marketplace. People living in the most remote areas can receive goods from across the globe in a matter of days, including food, medication, and other necessities. But it's also clear how Amazon's utter dominance has crowded out other retailers, from family-owned businesses to national chains. Anything and everything is bought online and while that's incredibly convenient, it can also be risky if you don't know who you're buying from. And with Amazon, you don't always know who you're buying from, which could mean endless problems down the line.

Getting tools with warranties

Amazon is known for its deals. It's possible to find deep discounts on just about everything under the sun, including power tools. Not all power tools are created equal, though. Even if you're looking to purchase a well-known brand name, it's the seller you have to verify. Amazon is itself a certified retailer of various power tool brands, but they also host third-party retailers and independent sellers in their marketplace. Third-party retailers are not vetted or guaranteed by Amazon, so it's up to us, the consumers, to make sure we're getting a solid deal.

When you search for power tools on Amazon, on the product page is a link below the product name. If the item is being sold by Amazon acting as an authorized retailer, the link will take you to the official brand store. If not, it will just link to other items by (or compatible with) that brand. Even more telling is what the page says about the manufacturer's warranty. You can locate this quickly by executing the Find command on your browser (Ctrl-F on PC, or Command-F on Mac) and entering "warranty" in the pop-up search bar. It should clearly state how many years or "limited lifetime." If it's not there, or if it states you should check the manufacturer's website for warranty information, you essentially have no warranty. If anything goes wrong with the tool, it won't be honored and you'll be out of luck.

Where to go for the tools you want

In order to ensure you're buying a verified new and warranted power tool, you need to purchase it from a certified retailer, but just as some car dealers only sell Fords, while others only sell Hondas, certain power tool brands are only available at certain stores. Amazon, unsurprisingly, has quite a few. If you're looking for DeWalt, Dremel, Skil, Black + Decker, Craftsman, Bosch, or Makita, among others, then Amazon can help you out. They have thousands of products by these brands, all sold and shipped by Amazon themselves.

However, for other brand name tools, you'll have to shop elsewhere. Milwaukee tools, for example, are not sold by authorized dealers on Amazon, but you can find them at The Home Depot, Ace Hardware, and Grainger, to name a few. Ryobi, on the other hand, is sold exclusively at The Home Depot, while Kobalt tools are exclusive to Lowe's. Meanwhile Ridgid, which used to be exclusive to Home Depot, now is available at various retailers. 

If possible, it might be wise to shop around in person and, if the tool you decide upon is sold by Amazon at the best price, go ahead and purchase a model with a verified warranty. If online shopping works best for you, be sure to do your due diligence to find a product that, if something does go wrong, will be backed by a full manufacturer's warranty before you click purchase.