The Kitchen Storage Mistake That May Be Attracting Spiders To Your Home

Nobody wants spiders in their home, especially not in the kitchen, where you eat and prepare food. However, it can be difficult to banish them for good due to the fact that they hide easily and can build webs pretty much anywhere. Luckily, there is a way to indirectly get rid of spiders, and that's by taking note of your kitchen habits. Instead of leaving food out on the counter, always make sure you store it properly in a sealed container or in the fridge. 

This may sound like a simple remedy, but being aware of food storage can go a long way when dealing with a variety of animals. Other things you're doing (or not doing) may be attracting spiders to your kitchen, as well, among them trailing crumbs behind you and not taking the garbage out as often as you should. These small factors can cause a big spider problem, but making just a few changes could eradicate your creepy-crawly problem fast.

Don't give spiders a reason to enter your kitchen

The first thing you need to do to get rid of spiders in your kitchen is ensure that all food items are tightly sealed when not in use. Even foods it's normally okay to have out, like fruit, should be either covered or put it in the fridge. While spiders aren't necessarily attracted to your food, they are attracted to the insects that come out in search of it. This then leads to trouble with both bugs and spiders, something you definitely want to avoid.

The same goes for open trash bins — your garbage isn't enticing to either you or spiders, but it is for flies, which, you guessed it, will make a tasty meal for spiders. Empty your trash regularly and keep it in a closed-lid bin.

You might not realize it, but sometimes that midnight snack can leave behind a trail of crumbs. While spiders won't have a munch on your leftovers, they will very much be hiding in wait for any insects, such as ants, that will be delighted to have found themselves a meal. Additionally, sweep up after eating. Even the smallest crumbs are enticing to hungry ants, and spiders will constantly be on the lookout for their next meal, too.

Sometimes spiders stick around even if you remove food

Even if you stow all your food, check for crumbs, sweep, and take out the trash on a regular basis, you may still find yourself with spiders in the kitchen, in which case you'll need to try additional spider control methods.

If you don't want to harm the spiders in the process of getting rid of them, try using peppermint essential oil as a deterrent. The scent is aversive enough to spiders that they won't even try entering your kitchen, but it shouldn't harm them. You can either dispense the oil into a bottle and spray in the corners and entry points of your kitchen or put a few drops onto a cotton ball and stuff several into the same places. Be aware that peppermint oil is toxic to pets, so keep any dogs or cats out of the kitchen if undertaking this spider-repelling method.