This Nail File Hack Does Wonders For Banishing Stubborn Dried On Super Glue

Super glue is an extremely useful item to have close by when you're trying to repair a broken pot or put furniture together. However, sometimes glue doesn't go where you want it to, and by the time you have noticed, the stray bits have dried. Dried super glue is much more difficult to remove than glue that's still drying, purely because it's doing its job of sticking to things so well. Don't panic though, as you only need one item to do the job — a nail file.

Sometimes referred to as an emery board, this beauty staple will break up the glue so you can get rid of it once and for all. As it requires only one simple item most households will have, this super glue removal hack is something you can try out right away. It's also an effective method if you need to get super glue off your skin. Pulling it from your skin can be extremely painful, but buffing it with a file to remove it shouldn't hurt as much.

Dried super glue can be tricky, but we've got you covered

This nail file hack for removing super glue is pretty self-explanatory. Simply take the nail file of your choice and scrape it against the stuck glue until it has lifted. Though you'll need to apply pressure when scraping, be careful not to press too hard. This especially applies if you're trying to get glue off your skin, as you don't want to end up damaging it. Once the glue has all been scraped off, throw it away carefully. We recommend keeping a paper towel nearby to collect scraps if it is coming off in bits and pieces so you're not left with a mess.

This method of removing super glue is especially useful for hard surfaces, and, as mentioned, for getting glue off your skin. However, if used on soft surfaces, the file could cause scratches. Because of this, we recommend trying another method on this type of surface so you don't end up making the situation worse. Additionally, ensure you clean the nail file thoroughly afterward if you plan on reusing it — you definitely don't want any glue residue under your nails.