This Dollar Tree DIY Is The Space-Saving Stuffed Animal Storage Solution You Need

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Whether you've been collecting stuffed animals since you were young or you have a child with too many stuffed friends to keep track of, this stunning Dollar Tree DIY will help you save space while organizing your toys without breaking your budget. With three baskets and some rope, you can create a set of open, hanging storage to display your stuffed animals without taking up too much room. While laundry baskets work well for this project, you could also use these rounded wire baskets or rectangular wire baskets for a more sophisticated aesthetic.

Additionally, if you aren't crazy about the tiered hanging storage, you could mount the baskets to the wall separately. While you can get most of the supplies you'll need from Dollar Tree, you will need a hook to mount into your ceiling to hang the baskets. This steel screw-in plant hook from Home Depot is $2 and can support up to 30 pounds. For those that don't want to screw something into their ceiling or wall, you could try an adhesive hook.

DIYing Dollar Tree hanging storage

Before you go ahead with this project, keep in mind this is a hanging apparatus that could look misleadingly fun to climb, and therefore might not be a completely safe item to share a space with small children. But if it passes your household's safety test: Start by getting three of the same baskets and two sets of nautical cotton rope from Dollar Tree. This decorative nautical rope is also a good choice if you're looking for a different color. Consider decorating your baskets to customize your hanging stuffed animal storage. Whether you choose plastic laundry baskets or wire baskets, they could be spray painted to match the decor of the room, or if this storage system is for your children, you could let them paint it themselves or add stickers.

Now, thread your first strand of rope through the holes in the bottom of your middle basket, letting the ends hang down. If you choose a plastic basket with a solid base, you can cut two holes side by side for your rope. Tie each of those two ends to the sides or handles of your bottom basket. Do the same with the top basket, attaching the ends to your middle basket. If the strands aren't long enough, tie each one to the bottom of one basket and the side of another, using two strands per basket. Once the three containers are strung together, tie another strand or two of rope to the handles of the top basket, making a loop.  This will allow you to hang it from the ceiling, but you can cut the rope if it's too long and causes the storage system to dangle too low.

More tips for your DIY Dollar Tree stuffed animal storage

While the previous method created a hanging storage system that's level, you could attach the rope differently so that the baskets tilt. This allows you or your kids to get the stuffed animals out more easily and might work better for showing off the toys. For this method, you will string the rope through the bottom of the baskets, tying knots beneath each to keep them in place. Make a slip knot in the top of the rope to create a handle for hanging. Once you hang the baskets, the baskets will tip slightly to the side but the rope will keep them from moving too much. If you'd rather hang the containers separately, try using the rectangular wire baskets and attaching them to command strips or hooks on the wall next to each other.

To hang your tiered baskets without screwing something into the ceiling, try placing a Command hook as high up on the wall as possible. This will still create the look of your storage system hanging from the ceiling, but without doing any damage. There are also adhesive hooks that would attach to the ceiling, like these heavy duty adhesive hooks, but products like this could damage the paint and may be difficult to remove according to customer reviews. Not only will this hack keep your stuffed animals safe and neat, but it's also a wonderful storage solution for your small space.