DIY Stunning Valentine's Day Decor With TikTok's Creative Pool Noodle Hack

Are you looking for fun ways to decorate for Valentine's Day? You don't need to break the bank on decor if you're willing to be creative. Believe it or not, you can use a pool noodle as the foundation for your newest Valentine's Day decoration and add an adorable romantic touch to your home without spending more than you need to.

TikToker @eyeseeyourbeauty posted a video showing viewers how to make a statement piece for the holiday starting with just two pool noodles. The person in the video made the pool noodles into a circle and wrapped that circle in a striking black and white ribbon. Once you bend each noodle to form the circular wreath shape, secure it with strong, clear tape to keep it in place. The TikTok user embellished it with (presumably) fake leaves and roses. Then, they secured galvanized pieces reading "love," "XOXO," "kisses," and "Hugs" with heart-shaped wire forms in the center of the circle. The results are eye-catching and beautiful.

There are many ways to go about the hack

This dramatic Valentine's Day decoration isn't the only ingenious pool noodle hack you never thought to use for Valentine's Day. For instance, do you want to embellish your home's interior or exterior with a big heart decoration instead of a circle shape? Just tape the bottoms of two pink or red pool noodles together and fold them into a heart shape, securing it with more tape once you have the design in place. While there's nothing wrong with stopping there for a minimalistic yet adorable piece, you can make it look fancier by sticking floral details into the noodle heart.

For either hack, you'll need a reliable clear tape, like the Gorilla Tape available for $8.98 at Lowe's. And if you're looking for romantic floral decor to embellish your pool noodle creation that won't require too much work on your end, consider wrapping something like an artificial peony vine garland — available for $2.39 at Walmart — around the noodle decoration. So, before you visit all the expensive home decor stores for Valentine's Day decorations, consider using a cheap pool noodle and your imagination instead.