TikTok Shows You How To DIY A Beautiful, Affordable Planter With An Old Toolbox

When spring cleaning season rolls by and you're giving your attic a thorough cleanse and happen across some ancient treasures, don't throw them away. Some of the best home decorations you can get are the ones that were repurposed from old household items that carry sentimental value. You may not be able to use that dusty, old-school, wooden toolbox from way back when, but you can still use it differently by turning it into something new and beautiful. What could be better than using it to give life? You can convert the old toolbox into a stylish vintage planter for your favorite flowers. TikTok creator @epa212121 shows how they turned theirs into tasteful memorabilia in just a few steps.

The only problem with transforming a vintage wooden toolbox into an indoor flower planter is that it tends to be shallower than the average modern pot. You should have it in the back of your mind that there are plants that thrive in shallow planters and some that need more space to stretch out their roots. You can plant African violets, string of pearls, succulents, or even kitchen herbs in your toolbox planter with ease. Deep-rooted plants will just have to settle for the yard.

Upgrade the toolbox and customize it

Planters have requirements that enable them to be perfect for growing plants, so you may have to make some modifications to the old toolbox. To make the transition seamless, you'll need a drill, sandpaper, sliding bolt latches, nails, some crafts twine, and paint. The first step is to make the toolbox presentable. It's probably caked with dust and dirt from years of use. Sand it down all around, but just enough so you can see the new, brighter layer of wood underneath. Wipe off the sand dust from it and screw the latches to the bottom. These will give the planter something solid to stand on. Next, drill some drainage holes at the base of the toolbox.

Now, it's time for decorating. You can experiment and make the planter as gaudy as you like. Paint it with whatever color you desire. You can make little floral designs on it, too. For the handle, glue some twine around the entire length and make a twine bow at either end of it. This will add to the rustic character and make it look straight out of a children's book. You can place your planter on your windowsill or even in the house. If you want it on a higher platform, ditch attaching the latches underneath it and buy a suitable plant stand instead. Just make sure there's a saucer underneath to capture excess water.