Use This Common Kitchen Scrap To Get Rid Of Smelly Gym Bag Odors

Going to the gym multiple times a week will leave you feeling strong, clear-minded, and motivated to get through the days ahead. However, if you exercise before work, you might leave your gym clothes and towels in your bag for hours until you get home. Sometimes, you might forget to take them out the next day. Constantly leaving your sweaty clothes in your gym bag will likely produce a foul smell. If you use a non-washable bag to store all your gym essentials, you won't be able to clean it in the washing machine. Instead of throwing it out and buying a new bag, use coffee grounds to deodorize the interior.

Coffee grounds are superior for absorbing and eliminating foul smells. They contain nitrogen, and when mixed with carbon, they remove smelly sulfur gas from the air. Some folks will place a bowl of coffee grounds in their refrigerator if there's an awful smell from spoiled food. Coffee grounds work similarly to baking soda forĀ deodorizing smelly workout gear, except the coffee leaves a pleasant aroma, whereas baking soda doesn't leave any scent behind. Eliminating your gym bag odors is straightforward with this method. You only need your go-to coffee grounds, a coffee filter, and a rubber band. Use any coffee flavor to give your gym bag a pleasant scent if you don't like ordinary coffee. For instance, you can do vanilla, cinnamon, salted caramel, or any other variety. Gather your materials and get ready for a clean-smelling gym bag.

How to use coffee grounds to remove gym bag odors

Before throwing coffee grounds into your gym bag, remove all your clothes, shoes, and equipment. Give your bag a quick wipe-down with a damp washcloth to eliminate messes. Then, fill your coffee filter halfway with coffee grounds. Wrap the coffee filter and tie the rubber band to secure the grounds. Place the filter in your gym bag, close it, and leave the filter inside overnight. Remove the coffee grounds the next day and check if they improved the smell. There will be a slight lingering scent that will disappear over time, but repeat the process as needed if the odor persists.

If the hack is successful the first time, keep your gym bag odor-free so you don't have to remove any stench constantly. Always remove your clothes from your gym bag and leave it unzipped so the air circulates, allowing fresh air to enter. You can throw an air freshener in one of the inside pockets so that it smells clean when you're using it. However, it'll only work well if clothes aren't left behind. Alternatively, spray the interior with Febreze every couple of weeks to target minor smells. We know life can get busy, so if you leave your gym clothes in your bag too long, grab your coffee grounds.