The Pinterest-Approved Kitchen Hack That'll Keep Your Baking Sheets Organized

Though a useful addition to any kitchen, baking sheets are difficult to store. Others have a funky color that simply doesn't match your counters enough to serve as decor in between uses. Luckily, a Pinterest hack recommends using some gems from your local Dollar Store to fix your space issues. Grab some tension rods, preferably in a color that matches your kitchen, and use them to make storing your sheets look natural and feel easy. Vertically install as many tension rods as you need, so there's a section for each baking sheet. You can easily slide them in and out as desired. This hack can also be a lifesaver for larger sheet pans and plates.

For any non-believers, visualize this. You just got home, and you're ready to cook dinner. It's a festive night filled with various cuisines, courtesy of your baking sheets. Now it's time to wash dishes. Your baking and cooking sheet collection is truly your pride and joy. So why, do they sit unevenly on your dish rack, just to be stored absolutely nowhere? Honestly, where could they really go? Here's how you can make this hack your own.

Why this hack is so much better than you think

This hack puts usability at the forefront. We know the woes of losing your sheets within a mass of kitchen tools and appliances. For something you use so often, it's important to have easy access. Just like your plates and silverware, your kitchen sheets should be at your disposal.

Some ideas for individualizing this hack are by creating your own tension rods. This option is great for DIY royalty with a little more time to kill and a detailed idea of design preferences. Play around with the type of material you use. For example, creating a rod the same color as the inside of your cabinets may be great for visibility. Or, if you'd prefer your new project to be more cohesive with your kitchen aesthetic, use a similar wood tone to feel like you bought your space with it already installed. 

Rather than focusing on a hack that involves drilling into cabinets, this option makes kitchen storing a breeze. And this does have a major impact on the long-term care of your baking sheets. If you're in a rush, you may find yourself not thoroughly cleaning before putting it away. Try ½ cup of baking soda and white vinegar, then leave your sheet out to dry before sliding it into your cabinet.