The Shower Design Mistake That Makes Cleaning Harder

Even if you know every genius hack to keep your shower clean, some shower designs will always make cleaning more convenient or challenging than others. For instance, overhead showers can be particularly difficult to clean. While they may look chicer than handheld options and can feel great when you shower under them, that high-up design isn't practical for cleaning.

Home design and styling Instagram account @barbaros_abode posted a video showing how awkward it is to try to clean an overhead shower mounted to the ceiling — it entails stressful reaching, and odds are that you'll have to throw water up there to clean it. The caption of the Instagram even says, "Whilst we actually don't use a handheld for showering, having one would make it soooo much easier to clean the shower!" So, if you don't want to spend too much time cleaning the showerhead, save time by investing in a handheld showerhead instead of overhead options.

Check out these handheld showerheads to make cleaning more convenient

When picking a showerhead, you should consider how well the item suits your shower, bathroom, and cleaning preferences. You should also note whether the price is realistic for your budget and if the product has positive customer reviews. For instance, the best-selling Moen six-way wall-mounted handheld showerhead is available for $44.98 at Home Depot. Not only does the handheld design make this item easy to clean, but it also has 4.3 out of five stars and a 75% recommendation rate with more than 3,000 reviews.

If you want to spend less than $40 on a new handheld showerhead, check out the Allen + Roth chrome handheld showerhead selling for $34.98 at Lowe's. It has 4.4 stars and an 82% recommendation rate with around 70 reviews. Or, if you're looking for a handheld showerhead under $30 with luxury features, consider the bestselling Waterpik six-mode therapeutic massage showerhead available for $20.88 at Walmart, which has 4.3 stars with over 1,000 ratings.

Careful cleaning is crucial for your showerhead

While it can be tempting to skip cleaning the shower on a lazy day, you should never forget to keep your showerhead clean, as not doing so can lead to germy grossness. "Minerals can reduce or block the water flow, and microbes can be released from biofilms into your shower water," Allen Rathey, the Indoor Health Council's director, told Reader's Digest.

Believe it or not, there are hacks for cleaning your showerhead. For example, you can start by mixing vinegar and water in a bag. Then, tie that bag — which should be filled with your concoction — around your showerhead, and let it soak up your solution for two hours or longer. While you can use this hack for overhead showers, too — if you can reach up high enough — it's much more convenient for handheld options, as you won't have to worry about being tall enough to reach the showerhead or spilling the solution on yourself.