Eliminate Bad Home Odors With A Simple DIY That Calls For A Common Kitchen Scrap

No part of the home is immune to bad odors, from a refrigerator full of questionable food to those heavily trafficked living areas. All that life you're living, whether it's with kids, dogs, or friends, is simply bound to produce some stinky smells from time to time. Fortunately for the coffee lovers of the world, it's shockingly easy to upcycle old grounds into an impressive odor neutralizer. 

Coffee is known for its ability to perk people up, thanks to its inherent caffeine content. And while that's a pretty huge superpower all on its own, caffeine also has a significant amount of nitrogen, which is what gives coffee grounds its odor-clearing X factor. This is because nitrogen eliminates airborne sulfur, effectively neutralizing odors in a feat known in scientific circles as "adsorption." Incidentally, nitrogen content is also what makes coffee grounds excellent at improving soil quality. So the next time you have a smelly situation at hand, hold on to those leftover coffee grounds and opt for a homemade hack over some generic, store-bought scented candle.

How to use coffee grounds to eliminate odors

All different types of odors occur in the home, from the sudden (burnt popcorn in the microwave) to the chronic (pet odor). One of the easiest ways to employ used coffee grounds to make your home smell better is to put some in a small bowl or container, then place it on a shelf in the affected area, be it a room or refrigerator. Just make sure it's out of reach of pets, children, and accident-prone adults because no one wants to deal with an overturned bowl of wet coffee grounds, right? Anyway, the nitrogen in the grounds should immediately start working to get rid of bad smells, plus the natural coffee scent will add a pleasant tinge to the atmosphere. 

If you're the type who wants to neutralize bad smells before they affect the environment, opt instead to create and place some sachets in odiferous areas. All you have to do is put used coffee grounds into a sock, pantyhose, small bags, etc. Make sure they're tied shut and put them around the home to act as constant air fresheners. Replace them every few months or whenever you think they're starting to be less effective.

Make a coffee ground candle

Those of you who prefer a literal slow burn can opt instead to make a DIY coffee ground candle. The folks at Just Coffee Co-op say that this is easy enough to accomplish with a few items: a coffee mug, saucepan, candle wick, candle wax, super glue, a funnel, a spoon, and some used coffee grounds.

Put a drop of super glue onto the bottom of the wick, then place it in the middle of the coffee mug. Allow it to dry completely. Set aside one tablespoon of used coffee grounds. Next, melt about 12 ounces of wax in the saucepan over medium heat. Then, pour enough of the wax to coat the bottom into the mug, using a funnel to avoid unnecessary mess. Take care to keep the wick upright. Pour a thin layer of coffee grounds on top of the wax, then add the rest of the wax on top. Finally, pour the remaining coffee grounds onto the wax, and carefully stir it with the spoon. Allow it to dry for a minimum of an hour, then cut the wick to the proper height for your DIY candle. Once everything is good and hardened, the candle is ready to use and enjoy!