Pinterest Swears By Using This Baking Essential To Freshen Up Smelly Lunchboxes

It's normal for your lunchbox to smell like the food that was packed in it that day, especially if it's something that has a strong scent like curry or fish. However, it's another situation entirely when you can still smell the delicious tuna mayo you had for lunch yesterday, which can then lead to some funky odors in your fridge. Enter pantry essential baking soda, which Pinterest swears will help get rid of any lingering unpleasant scents from food that was packed in a lunchbox the day before.

Even after being washed, lunchboxes can still sometimes emit an off-putting smell, something you definitely don't want when packing your lunch for the day. Washing your lunchbox more than is needed can lead to it becoming worn out faster, which is where baking soda comes in. Though it's mostly used as a raising agent to create delicious baked goods, this staple ingredient is surprisingly good when used as a cleaner and deodorizer. Instead of throwing out a stinky container, try the following method to get your lunchbox fresh and clean once more.

Rescue your smelly lunchbox with this hack

If your lunchbox is only slightly smelly, try this method first. Grab a clean sponge that's slightly damp to the touch and add a small amount of baking soda. Clean the inside and outside of the box thoroughly with the sponge before wiping again with a clean wet cloth. Let the container dry naturally or dry with a dish towel. If you're dealing with a container that's a little more than just smelly, apply a thin layer of baking soda to the inside. Leave it to work its magic for at least a few hours, making sure the lid is closed properly. When you can no longer catch a whiff of lingering odors, throw the baking soda away and wipe your lunchbox down again before drying it.

Baking soda works to deodorize your lunchbox due to its alkaline pH, which then reacts with acidic odors to essentially banish the smells they throw off. It's a great natural alternative to perfumed sprays that leave your lunchbox with a different kind of overpowering odor. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that baking soda is not a replacement for cleaning. Even when odors are no longer obvious, you should still wash your lunchbox as normal. It should also be dried properly to stop mold and mildew from growing.