Want A Hammock But Lack Perfectly Placed Trees? Try TikTok's Woodworking DIY

Is there any scene more carefree and relaxing than a hammock swinging leisurely between two strong trees? Maybe you're grabbing a nap between activities on a camping trip or perhaps you're just lounging at home on a Sunday morning. Who cares? Not you — you're in a hammock! Unless, of course, you don't happen to have two perfectly placed trees in your yard (or on your camping lot). Then what? Thanks to TikTok, this conundrum is no longer a barrier to living the hammock life.

All you need to build your own DIY hammock stand is four 8-foot 4x4s, two 8-foot 2x4s, ⅜-inch-by-8-inch galvanized carriage bolts, a miter or circular saw, a power drill, a hammock hook kit, and your hammock. Gather your supplies, find a level area in your lawn or on a solid deck where you'd like your hammock to live, and prepare to build your very own hammock stand.

How to build a DIY hammock stand

The first step to building your own DIY hammock stand is cutting your lumber down to the size you'd like using your miter or circular saw, as demonstrated by TikTokker @Woodbrew. If you're unsure of the ideal measurements for your hammock stand, you can purchase exact plans for $29.99 on their website. Assemble each side of your hammock, being sure to mirror each half to the other. Once you have two mirrored halves, attach your hammock hooks. Place your hammock on the hooks and move the halves together or apart to create the perfect size. Then attach the two halves by inserting your final 4x4.

If you'd like to customize your hammock stand, don't be afraid to get creative. Try painting your stand white or another light color and keep a paint marker handy to collect the signatures of all the guests who take your hammock for a spin. You can also create a zen ambience in your yard by wrapping the stand in solar string lights. Place a few eye-catching plants and some citronella candles around the area and your new summer hangout is complete.