Beyond Unique Changes Are Coming To Gardens In 2024 (& How To Hop On The Trend)

2023's best garden trends pushed the limits of what is considered appropriate in a home garden. Instead of the simple, neatly manicured green lawns, wildflower meadows and landscapes of native plants took over, showing a preference for more natural and practical gardens. There were also more specific trends chosen based on the atmosphere a homeowner wants to create, like Japanese gardens and Victorian gardens. One new trend that we're expecting to see more of in 2024 is the goth garden, a style that's gaining popularity among those who desire a more moody outdoor atmosphere.

According to the 2024 Garden Trends Report released by Garden Media, people see the gothic aesthetic as a great way to add some drama to their outdoor landscapes. It does more than that, however, as the dark color palettes and gothic motifs challenge the status quo on what we think about when it comes to gardens. The preference in this style is an embrace of "withered plants and faded blooms" and plants that are "a bit untidy," per the report, so this is definitely a unique change in the garden world.

Goth gardens are in

A goth garden is all about incorporating elements of gothic aesthetics. Instead of bright, colorful plants and flowers, it leans into the darkness and mystery associated with this style. Goth gardens are characterized by dark colors and interesting textures like unique leaf patterns and decor pieces with gothic motifs like skulls, bats, and spiders. It isn't all spooky, as there can also be soft touches. Draping black lace as a decoration or having a dark-colored loveseat or bench are some examples.

Garden ornaments and other features in this style are of course gothic-inspired. There can be wrought-iron furniture or gates, gargoyle statues, and other pieces with gothic motifs. Ambient lighting is another big part of the aesthetic. Dim, low lights in gothic chandeliers or lanterns will definitely boost the effect. This TikTok is a great example of how it all comes together. The gothic garden is in an enclosed space with all-black walls, the plants are dark and textured, and there are black string lights, a black lantern, and a slim, crystal chandelier.

How to hop on the trend

Creating a goth garden can be a fun and creative way to try something new if you aren't already a fan of the goth aesthetic. The main things to focus on are the colors, the textures, and the lights. In this TikTok, the creator recommends plants that come in deep shades of red and purple that are dark enough to look black. A few of these are Park's Black Peony Poppy, Black King Pansy, Night Rider Lily, and Jet Black Hollyhock. For the lighting, see if you can manufacture a dimly lit area by creating an enclosure or choosing a shaded area. Then, you can create a mysterious ambiance using a small amount of natural light during the day and artificial lights when the sun goes down. Note that you'll have to choose plants that can thrive in this lighting environment.

Try also to have a variety of textures. You can opt for plants that have velvety or hairy textures and use dark-colored mulch and landscape edging in a rough texture. Another idea is to grow a moss lawn instead of grass. Moss will add a lot of texture to your garden space and be better suited for a shaded area. There are different directions you can take with a goth garden so look for inspiration from gothic art and gothic garden designs online to see what you'd like to incorporate in yours.